Congressmen made death threats at the start of Trump’s ouster campaign

Congressmen made death threats at the start of Trump's ouster campaign

U.S. security forces are investigating threats to members of the U.S. Congress regarding the removal of former President Donald Trump.

According to a person in charge of the US administration to the AP, death threats were recorded against Congressmen and attacks took place outside the Capitol.

The threats, coupled with concerns about a re-invasion of the Capitol on Jan. 6, prompted the U.S. Legislature Branch and other federal security forces to secure the location of the National Guard, still in the capital, from a device sent last week for Joe Biden’s investment that required about 13,000 members to stay in Washington.

The AP cited that the recorded threats are similar to others detained before Biden’s inauguration, varying in level of specificity and credibility, and are published on the Internet and in news applications.

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer announced Friday that the U.S. Senate will hear initial arguments in the week of February 8 over the dismissal of Donald Trump to provoke the latest capital riots.

The agreement between Democrats and Republicans over the case provides that Trump’s indictment will be sent to the Senate today at the end of the day and that preliminary proceedings will begin on Tuesday.

However, the presentation of the preliminary arguments is only scheduled for February 8, which will allow the Senate to focus on the inquiries, which are already underway, to confirm the recommendations of the new Presidential Democrat Joe Biden, and the urgency of the Govt-19 epidemic in the debate on measures.

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The two-week period was considered by Republicans to be the beginning of the removal process, and the former president’s legal committee wanted more time to prepare his defense.

Trump will be the first president to be targeted for indictment since the end of his term.

If convicted, the Senate can prevent him from returning to the presidency.

To condemn Trump, Democrats need the support of 17 Republican senators, some of whom have shown themselves in favor of the impeachment, who have been critical of the former president’s behavior before and after the Capitol invasion by those who considered Biden’s election fraud.

Today, at 7:00 pm local time (Tuesday morning at 12:00 pm, in Lisbon), articles will be read before the Senate to oust the 45th President of the United States. Prior to the ceremony, the Senate will vote on the appointment of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

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