Conscious consumption: how to reuse the post-wedding dress – Vogue

Conscious consumption: how to reuse the post-wedding dress - Vogue

Before and after (Photo: Tauana Sofia / Acervo Vogue)

Until recently, that incredible wedding dress that you took months to choose, then months to test in the stylist’s studio, had the right post-wedding destination: the back of the closet or a second-hand clothing store (for the more detached)). Because instead of leaving the garment in storage forever, why not follow good conscious consumption practices and make it another model? “There’s no denying how special and meaningful this outfit is for women, but I love knowing that this piece won’t be used once. Whenever I can, I create something multifunctional. There was a bride who reused the dress on her honeymoon in the Maldives. The day after the wedding, I took off the lace lining and she took it for the trip, ”says stylist Lucas Anderi.

Famous for his exuberant models and fine fabrics, he sometimes reuses raw materials from old creations. “I opened my collection of models already made for fashion shows, campaigns and displays in order to recycle all the fabrics and turn them into new pieces. Leftover tulle has become skirts and shoe covers, for example, ”she says. These fabrics have also made it possible to create new textures and volumes in the Organic Beauty collection, launched this year.

Last year, to encourage sustainability in the bridal world, stylist Patrícia Granha, from Jardim Secreto Atelier, São Paulo, launched her first collection of dresses that can be completely redesigned after the wedding. The bride can return to the studio within a year. after the ceremony and turn the original model into a daily wear piece: skirt, blouse and even pants. “Giving a new purpose to the dress is very rewarding. The bride will always remember the energy of her wedding. Reusing fine fabrics is fantastic and transformative, ”says Patrícia.

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Customizing clothes is one of the funniest things in fashion, as Emannuelle Junqueira wrote on her website. And this maxim, of course, applies to brides. The stylist gives advice on how to transform the dress into a more casual piece, whether to use it as a bridesmaid or for more sophisticated everyday events. If the model has accessories like beads and other types of beads, it is possible to remove them and insert new applications into the fabric. Another suggestion is to cut off the sleeves, making the dress tighter or looser, depending on the adjustments. Finally, you can change the color (choose lighter colors to preserve the soft feel of the fabric) and use it as a guest at another wedding.

Even more sustainable is to choose in advance a model that can be used in different events. This was the case for Daniela Douat, marketing coordinator of a dance studio. She was in a store shopping for a bridesmaid dress, when she came across a classic off-white model. He thought it would be perfect for his civil ceremony, postponed due to the pandemic. “Because it’s versatile and has an amazing fit, I’ve used it at other events. But my project continues: to marry with this dress, chosen at the beginning of the year, and that the groom already knows, ”she says, superstitious.

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