Coronavirus latest: London Heathrow loses title to Paris as Europe’s busiest airport

Coronavirus latest: London Heathrow loses title to Paris as Europe's busiest airport

Peter Wells in New York

One of the battlefields of the upcoming presidential election, Pennsylvania reported Tuesday that coronavirus cases rose the most per day.

An additional 2,751 people were found to have tested positive, and the State Department of Health announced this afternoon as an increase from a one-week low compared to 1,557 on Monday from 1,407 on Tuesday.

Wisconsin announced on Tuesday that it had a record spike in coronavirus cases and deaths, which reflects the explosions over the weeks of the political swing nation.

The number of cases confirmed by the authorities this afternoon was 5,262, soaring from 2,883 on Monday to over the previous day’s record of 4,591 on Tuesday last week. The state health department considered an additional 64 people to be due to the coronavirus.

Florida reported nearly 4,300 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, and the 7-day average rose to its highest level in two months.

Voters line up at a polling place in Hyalia, Florida.

The Sunshine State averaged just over 3,700 new cases per day last week, the highest 7-day average rate since August 24th.

Arizona’s new coronavirus cases on Tuesday surpassed 1,000, with the highest death toll in nearly a week.

Authorities have found 1,157 people tested positive in the last 24 hours, an increase from 801 on Monday compared to 1,040 on Tuesday last week.

California reported on Tuesday that new coronavirus cases and deaths fell below their respective averages last week.

Authorities have tested positive for 3,188 people in the last 24 hours, an increase from 2,981 on Monday compared to 3,286 on Tuesday last week. Another 43 people died from the coronavirus.

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