COVID-19 news across the United States

COVID-19 news across the United States

With a record spike in coronavirus cases, hospitals in the border cities of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez are in crisis, causing health officials in Texas and Mexico to suffer twin disasters in metropolitan areas of 3 million people.

Health officials are accusing the surge of family gatherings, multiple generations living in the same house, and young people going shopping or doing business.

Part of a deadly return from the virus almost across the United States, the crisis has created one of the most desperate hotspots in North America, highlighting how intricately the two cities are economically, geographically, and culturally connected as many move on a daily basis. . I go back and forth across the border to shop or visit with my family.

In El Paso, authorities have instructed residents to stay home for two weeks, have imposed a 10pm curfew, and are installing dozens of hospital beds in the convention center.

In addition, the University of El Paso Medical Center has set up a thermal isolation tent to treat coronavirus patients. Public Affairs Commissioner Ryan Mielke said there were 195 COVID-19 patients in the hospital as of Tuesday, less than 36 than a month ago, and “work and hours are constantly increasing.

The Mexican government is sending mobile hospitals, ventilators and doctors, nurses and respiratory specialists from Juarez. A hospital is being built inside the local university gymnasium to aid in flooding.

Juarez has reported more than 12,000 infections and more than 1,100 deaths, but the actual number is believed to be much higher as COVID-19 testing is extremely limited. El Paso County recorded about 1,400 new cases on Tuesday, a little less than the previous day’s record of 1,443. The county had 853 patients hospitalized for the virus on Monday, an increase from 786 a day ago.

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