COVID-19- PA man begs Facebook friends to help the victim’s mother find an ICU bed

COVID-19- PA man begs Facebook friends to help the victim's mother find an ICU bed

A Pennsylvania man’s request to find an ICU to take his severely ill, COVID-19-infected mother has gone viral.

Shawn Ryder’s mother, Karen, contracted the corona virus in mid-November. He was admitted to Hanover Hospital two hours west of Philadelphia, where he has been on a ventilator since Nov. 23, his son wrote on social media.

But as his condition worsened, Karan needed an Extra Corporal Membrane Oxidation (ECMO) machine – a device for Hanover Hospital.

“We can make no promise that a hospital will be available to try ECMO,” a doctor told Ryder.

Since the recent surge in COVID-19 rates, there have been ICU beds in Pennsylvania. Capable of.

In a series of news that pierced his heart Facebook page, Ryder wrote: “Is there anyone who has been in contact with the Covit ICU at York Hospital, Hershey Hospital, Penn State, Temple or Maryland Hospitals? My mom is not functioning properly and is at the maximum in the capabilities of Hanover hospitals.

“We are looking for a hospital with an ECMO machine and bed so Hanover can transfer her to you. Sorry to be blunt, but the quickest way to post the news is FB. Can not. “

“Mom… Please continue to fight. We love you so much and are not ready to lose you, ”Ryder pleaded in his December 1 post.

Four hours later, a doctor from York Hospital called and arranged for a transfer the next day.

“A nurse at York Hospital saw my post and took it to a doctor in Kovid ICU, who immediately called my cell phone,” Ryder later wrote. “I gave him the name of Mum’s doctor in Hanover and he immediately called them and Mum is getting ready for relocation when we talk to anyone.

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Another post went into more detail about the life-saving call.

“I’ll get a random number … a doctor in York. He’s quiet. He’s clear. He’s firm,” Ryder wrote. ” Give me the number, ” Ryder recalled.

A few minutes later Supkas called Ryder and said, “Shawn, we’ll take her.”

“Now, it’s the F-King Leadership, right there women and mothers. Not only does he care about other human beings, he is a man who believes in his abilities. It’s not going to blame someone else, he’ll be ashamed of a challenge. I will always be in the corner, and that’s what my mom needs now, ”Ryder wrote.

Although Ryder’s mother was still in critical condition and on a ventilator, her father was able to see her, and Ryder was able to talk to her via zoom.

“Our family is humbled by the support everyone has shown through our mom’s constant fighting,” he said, asking for prayers for friends who have lost loved ones to COVID-19. “My dad also learned from one of his best friends, Covit-19, what he lost to Jeff Cunningham. Real people. Real life. Real virus.”

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