Covid: Fined £10,000 for self-isolation violations

Covid: Fined £10,000 for self-isolation violations

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Those who refuse a self-isolation order in the UK could face fines of up to £10,000, the government said.

New legal obligations require self-quarantine if people test positive for coronavirus from September 28th or are tracked by close contact.

The new action also includes a one-time £500 grant for low-income families and fines for employers punishing employers for self-isolation requests.

that is PM considers consolidation restrictions After the incident surged.

An additional 4,422 new Covid-19 cases and 27 deaths Was reported on Saturday.

there was 350 new cases reported in Scotland, The highest daily growth rate since May, 212 new cases in Wales, And Northern Ireland 222.

Fines start at £1,000 and increase to £10,000 for repeated offenders and “most serious offenses”. So far, advice on self-isolation has been just a guideline.

In announcing new rules for Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the best way to fight the virus is for everyone to follow the rules.

“So no one underestimates how important this is. The new rule means that if you are infected with the virus or are requested by the NHS Test and Trace, you are legally obligated to do so. Those who choose to ignore the rule are significant. You will be fined.

“We must do our best to control the spread of this virus, prevent the most vulnerable people from getting infected, protect the NHS and save lives,” he said.

Earlier this week, the Attorney General said more than 19,000 fines were imposed in England and Wales for violating the coronavirus law, but more than half have not been paid so far.

Summary: What are the new rules?

  • British man ordered to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace Fined £1,000-up to £10,000 in worst case -If they don’t
  • this Includes people who test positive and Identified as a close contact Number of confirmed persons
  • that Including employer Anyone forcing an employee to ignore self-containment orders
  • NHS testing and tracking Regular contact with quarantine people Compliance check
  • Measures Application from September 28th And will be Enforced by police and local authorities
  • Those who are receiving salary or who cannot work from home as a low-income class You can get a one-time payment of £500. Self-separated

Those who impose the highest fines are described as including those who prevent others from self-isolation, such as employers who require employees to go to work for violating orders.

The penalties are the same as those for those who did not quarantine for 14 days after returning to the UK from a country not on the list of low risk countries.

In Bolton One vacationer who did not self-isolate and instead went to a bar and returned, is partially criticized. For a surge in the case.

Iron fist in velvet glove

The Prime Minister is concerned that existing regulations are undermined too often and is disappointed that they are not always effectively enforced.

The government’s scientific advisors have suggested that 4 out of 5 people should quarantine themselves or break the rules.

Therefore, fines may apply from September 28th in the UK.

However, this tekken is wrapped in velvet gloves.

Under the pilot scheme in some parts of Lancashire, a £500 one-time payment is available for beneficiaries who need self-isolation or for those who are low-income and unable to work from home.

Local political leaders such as Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, have put pressure on this.

However, compliance is not the only issue.

Delayed delivery of test results can affect how quickly the infected person’s contact is quarantined, even if the infected people want to do the right thing or are paid for.

Dark Prime Minister Anneliese Dodds welcomed the “belated” announcement of additional financial aid to assist those in need of self-isolation.

But she added, “It shouldn’t have been a few months before finally dropping a dime that low-income people need more help.”

The British government hopes the new measures will be replicated in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. They all have the power to set their own coronavirus rules.

Officials said the NHS Test and Trace will be in regular contact with people who have been ordered to self-contain and report suspicions that people are not following police and local authorities.

Police will also check compliance with Covid-19 hotspots and groups considered “high risk” and will track reports of people who test positive but are not self-isolation.

Prosecution can lead to “famous and serious” cases of non-compliance.

As with other coronavirus rules, there will be certain exemptions for those who need to escape from illness or damage during the quarantine period and those who need treatment.

Changes in support to beneficiaries or low-income people will initially affect up to 4 million people who are unable to work from home in the UK, the government said.

The one-time payout of £500 is higher than the statutory sick leave allowance of £95.85 per week and an additional prize of £182 previously announced to those ordered to self-isolate in the most dangerous areas of intervention.

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