Cowboy falls to rival Eagles, 23-9

Cowboy falls to rival Eagles, 23-9

However, those four takeouts were only 3 points, and the Cowboys attack was not able to take advantage of Philadelphia’s gifts. It eventually helped lead to the death of the team. The defense limited the Eagles to a total attack range of 222 yards. The problem was DiNucci, and the Dallas attack squad summoned a total of 265 yards and did not get into the end zone. Since Dak Prescott lost the season with injuries, the team has only gained a single touchdown in the last three matches.

Neither quarterback was sharp, but with DiNucci you could probably expect. He has been fired 4 times, has 180 pass yards, and has a 52.5% pass attempt score of 64.6.

On the other hand, Wentz is currently in their 5th NFL season, with a good resume in 2016 overall at #2. However, he has a total of 123 passyards, completing 55.6% of his attempts, and is not much better than the rookie. He threw two touchdown passes, but had two interceptions against the 61.2 passer rating.

There was hope early as the Cowboys started playing with a 9-game 47-yard drive, resulting in a 49-yard field goal. DiNucci looked confident, and attack coordinator Kellen Moore started playing gadgets with Ezekiel Elliott on his shotgun using the reverse and “Wildcat”.

And when safety Donovan Wilson recovered from the Philadelphia 25-yard line by knocking the ball loose with the Eagles quarterback’s takedown, the Cowboys seemed to be in real business.

It was the start of a 10-play 83-yard drive that saw Philadelphia reach the end zone for the first time at night. Wentz made 5 out of 6 passes in 55 yards, hitting a 32-yard hit that widened Travis Fulgham. Rookie wide receiver Jalen Reagor was scored and his first NFL touchdown completed 2 yards.

Now going 7-3 down to the second quarter, the Dallas defense took out two more times in the frame, but the attack didn’t go much. Nevertheless, they gradually entered the harp by 2.

The first take-out forced Linebacker Leighton Vander Esch to explode through the line, hitting Wentz heavily, while forcing Lance Armstrong to recover from the Philly 46-yard line another fumble. DiNucci and the company were able to at least get back to Greg Zuerlein’s range, and the kicker split the upright again at 49 yards to close the gap to 1.

Then with less than three minutes of quarters left and the Eagles under threat from the Dallas 34 yard line, rookie cornerback Trevon Diggs grabbed his shin to record his first career interception by making a beautiful dive catch in the end zone. However, the cowboy was unable to move the chain and forced a punt.

And for sure, the kicker’s low line drive attempt bent sharply for another three points through the goal post, giving Dallas an incredible 9-7 lead on the brakes.

The Cowboys had a chance to add points right after halftime when Diggs gathered at the game’s second interception. His two picks are the first time the Cowboys rookie defense man has ever recorded two interceptions in a match since linebacker Sean Lee paired up in Indianapolis on December 5, 2010. It’s also the first multi-pick game for freshman Cornerback since Terrence Newman was caught. Three in Washington on December 14, 2003.

Sticking to the ground game, the Cowboys were able to get into the field goal range, but this time Zuerlein’s 52-yard attempt sailed wide right.

To make matters worse, the Eagles now have a decent field position, capturing the 42 yard line. After 9 matches they were in the end zone, and Wentz offered Fulham a 9-yard touchdown pass for the score. Philadelphia, who did well in a two-point transition, took the lead this time with a 15-9.

The Cowboys marched into Eagles territory three more times in the fourth quarter, but did not score points. For the first time, I saw that the team was unable to convert to 4-2 on the Philadelphia 35 yard line. DiNucci’s scrambling pass ended and fell incompletely.

The Cowboys tried to trick more later in the incident. Facing a 4th down on their 11 yard line, they deliberately hiked the ball through the end zone for safety. Then, in Chris Jones’ continuing punt, he booted up high in the sky, but not too far. Basically an onside kick. Dallas had a chance to fall on the ball, but it was the Eagles who came up with it on the scrum floor.

Dallas made another attempt later in the game and went down to the Philadelphia 15 yard line, but the last pass attempt was far below the goal line and there was not enough time to hope for a comeback.

As a result, the Cowboys increased their losing streak to three games in a row, followed by the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers and their record fell to 2-6. Meaning DiNucci or the person behind the center must find a way to speed up the attack.

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