Cowboys in the Vikings: Final injury reports for both teams

Cowboys in the Vikings: Final injury reports for both teams

Final injury reports for both Minnesota Vikings And this Dallas Cowboys This led to their game this Sunday, and there are some notable names on both sides. We will quickly review both reports starting with the visiting team as we usually do.

Dallas Cowboys Week 11 Injury Report

PlayerConditionInjuryWednesdayThursdayFridaySunday status
PlayerConditionInjuryWednesdayThursdayFridaySunday status
Tyler BiodasCFemurDNPDNPDNPOut
Randy GregoryFROMPhysical illnessDNPDNPLPQuestionable
Timurcus LawrenceFROMPhysical illnessDNPDNPQuestionable
Andy DaltonQBShockF.P.F.P.F.P.
Ezekiel ElliottR.P.FemurF.P.F.P.F.P.
Zach MartinG.FleshLPF.P.F.P.
Joe ThomasL.P.WristF.P.F.P.F.P.

No word yet on the nature of the disease Randy Gregory And Timurcus Lawrence Handles, but it is likely to slow down Cowboys‘Boss Rush, this is always help for the opposing offense. Also, as we said throughout the week, Andy Dalton Looks like he’s on track to start for Dallas in the quarterbacks this week. He did not get the injury post in the Cowboys final report.

Now, we go to the home team. Again, this list is not full time C.J. Hamm After he was included in the Reserve / Govt-19 list earlier this week.

Ezra Cleveland As for the fact that he has been an expression of proper custody since taking charge as a starter, being out is very important. That’s the word Brett Jones And That’s it We’ve been taking first-team photos at that point this week, so we’ll have to see which way to go Viking I want to go with that.

In addition, for the first time since the traumatic concussion he had at Lambo Field in the 8th week, Cameron Dantsler Was able to fully participate in the practice. He was listed as questionable, but certainly seems to be popular in the right direction. After missing Monday Night game in Chicago, Irv Smith Jr.. Practice was limited throughout the week, and it was listed as “questionable.” He could be the end of scary game time for the Vikings (and, perhaps, your fantasy team) this week.

This is your view on the last injury reports of the week for the Cowboys and the Vikings. If anything changes in the position of any of the players on either team, we will update this post with those changes.

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