Cracker Barrels Add Alcohol to Menu for the First Time in History

A file photo of a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, in September 2019.

Cracker Barrels foam as the first in the company’s 51-year history to add beer, wine, and mimosa to the menu.

The “old rural store” restaurant chain began testing the concept before the coronavirus pandemic began. After more than 100 stores have added beer, wine and mimosa to their menu, the company is making a permanent change.

This has resulted in an overwhelmingly positive customer response and has made the decision to make adult beverages easy to drink in most regions.

“Our guests said that serving beer and wine would reduce their veto. In other words, customers who choose cracker barrels for a particular meal but ultimately want to drink a glass of beer or wine and want to go elsewhere. Cracker Barrel spokesman via email CNN In an interview with, it is served with meals, especially during weekend dinners.

According to a spokesperson, the company was inspired by the results of a testing program featuring a limited selection of beers and wines and mimosa. The company currently plans to add alcohol sales to around 600 locations by the end of the fiscal year, a spokesperson said.

In a phone call to reporters earlier this week to discuss the company’s latest earnings report, Cracker Barrel CEO Sandra Cochran said the test stores were in Florida, Kentucky and Tennessee.

“We haven’t started promoting it yet,” Cochran said, but it’s been encouraging that it continues to be strong, especially in Florida.

Liquor sales were mostly aimed at the dinner crowd, but Cochran said mimosa is becoming “very popular” with breakfast and lunch eaters.

Also, customers Order a mimosa kit At some locations of the two flavors served (classic orange and strawberry).
Cracker barrel Established September 19, 1969, Lebanon, Tennessee. Company 660+ locations In 45 states.
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