Craig Conover claims that the show won’t’help’ Thomas Ravenel

Craig Conover in Southern charm Viewers said that they don’t have to worry about Thomas Ravenel’s brief appearance taking a positive step toward the disgraced politician.

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“I mean, some people would say we shouldn’t give or show them a platform. [but] What he filmed wasn’t positive for Thomas,” Conover said. American week. “So the one who is worried we are helping him by filming him is not accurate. I mean, if he always wants to go to twitter and blow up shows and film? It’s really amazing.”

In fact, Ravenel has been making an angry remark about the show since he left. Ravenel no longer appeared in the series after being accused of sexual assault. His short comeback surprised viewers and the cast, and some fans upset that he appeared on the show.

The segment is most likely the moment it’s’completed once’.

Ravenel said he allowed the producers to shoot small moments for the show. “I had the kids and I had them film a small part in Catherine’s favor,” he said. Our week. “I didn’t get paid. At the time she was staying at our house in the guest room because the house was painted and it was not safe for her and the kids.”

Conover was right about how this segment wasn’t helping Ravenel. Fans got mad on Twitter when they saw Ravenel on the screen. Bravo Fan LoveAndyC Tweet. “@BravoTV, you screwed up putting this rapist on our screen. It’s a terrible decision.”

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“The boldness of this show, bringing this guy back to our screens before we start the season’s first commercial” Gibson Johns wrote. Others Tweet,“2020: Expect the unexpected.”

Thomas Ravenel definitely’explode’ the show.

Conover noted the irony of how Ravenel blew up the series on Twitter, but it appeared in the movie. No observations were lost on Instagram fan account. Two bravo sisters either. “Not very attractive,” they posted along with Ravenel’s February tweet, along with a video of her season 7 appearance.

Ravenel insisted that he will not be returning to the show in February 2020. “Why can’t the Southern Charm be able to promote itself without being obsessed with me?” he wrote. “I’m gone and I won’t come back. But all the articles I had to promote how cool it was, instead poisoned me and it’s been 2 years. Not very attractive.”

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He also tweeted about leaving the cast member in May and shared that he left because the show was fictional. “So Cameran [Eubanks] Like Wimberly, Chelsea Meisner and Naomie Olindo, they refused to return to other seasons. Southern charm,” he now shared in a deleted tweet. “I know clearly why. Anyone curious?”

“I filmed a 40-minute episode for 40 hours, but as a cast member I can’t say the word’edit’. They show you the character doing bad behavior, but cut out the part that caused the bad behavior,” he continued. “Their contract says they have the right to’virtualize’ your story. That’s really bad.”

Southern charm Every Thursday at 9:08 am in Bravo.

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