Crazy? Readers are outraged by Alejandro Villanueva’s helmet debate. ‘Fixed’ NFL game. Pirate problem.


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“U mad, bro?” this week It ranges from Steelers to Big Ten reboots, Pirates incompetence, and Justin Timberlake.

It also varies from practical to stupid.

Agenda of Alejandro Villanueva. Mason Rudolph’s helmet. NFL officials blame. And COVID-19 propaganda.

Other than that… Uh, somewhat tame.

Pfft! just joke?

“WBROWN” goes us. He sent me this email in advance. Steelers’ Victory Monday night through the New York Giants

He was very concerned about what the officials were taking!

because… as you know… There is no New York.

We all have to do with holding a call to the Steelers, so we need to be very careful about officiating. Not only does it get in the way when the big play is over, it holds the call on the attack to push them out or give the Giants a chance to continue play destroyed by the Steelers defense.

I’m not saying they’re going to use blatant tricks, but what I’m saying is that the Steelers should be in’p’ and’q’ because they have to do with the NFL trying to get the Giants to a good start.

This is New York after all. It’s always something important when it comes to the NFL.

Based on a pass interference call to Joe Haden in the first half and a missed hold on TJ Watt in the second half, I thought Brown was on something for a while.

But, come on. Does it damage the New York team’s game? When will the Steelers have one of the largest national fanbases?

It’s far from me to pop up a good old-fashioned conspiracy theory. WB But let’s be real.

The Giants have had one winning season since 2012. And the Jets haven’t played off since 2010. If the NFL is trying to fix the New York team’s game, they are doing pretty lousy things.

A man named “GMoney” Commented on our story About the Steelers Alejandro Villanueva decided to tape the name of Ant-Won Rose in the name of Alwin Cash, who died on his helmet.

He has no obligation to explain to anyone. He has done more for this country than most countries.

(Director Mike) It’s nice that Tomlin doesn’t cause any problems. Because not.

No, “GMoney” Villanueva sure I need an explanation. And his army veteran status has nothing to do with it. This discussion is irrelevant.

You can agree with what Villanueva did. I don’t.

You can agree with the team’s decision to put Rose’s name on the helmet from the start. I don’t.

On the one hand, unlike what Colin Kaepernick did, you can extract Villanueva to break the ranks from his teammates. I won’t tell you again.

However, if the team has made a decision and Villanueva has decided to go off the grid and his teammates say that they did not know the decision, then you should explain why.

At least Kaepernick did that.

Why does Villanueva feel obligated to solve the problem?

• When the same thing happened in Chicago, players said throughout the year that the fallout from the collapse of the anthem was part of the reason for losing that match. The game that eventually helped to gain home field dominance in the 2017 playoffs.

So, why take risks again in 2020?

• Villanueva was one of a team of 53 people who went off plan. He is making a deliberate statement.

So explain the statement. Why would you put a tape over Rose’s name instead of simply putting Cashe’s name over Rose’s name? Why is everyone on the team avoiding what they did?

There are nuances and intermediate criteria that can be found in many topics for this claim. This is not one of them. Villanueva needs to raise and resolve questions.

And this is a very important issue that there is no open locker room access in the era of coronavirus.

Let’s mix one piece of media. It was written by USA Today writer Christine Brennan. She was upset by Victen’s belated decision to play football amid the coronavirus crisis.

Wow! Talk about hype.

I mean, we all know this won’t go down to the “darkest day” in Big Ten’s history.

At the meeting that day, Rutgers was able to participate.


David emailed me about my “First Call” post about Cleveland Browns’ defensive end Myles Garrett. he is “Clear the airWith Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph.

you Reminds media folks from Fox, MSNBC and CNN. Your article is basically your opinion. I’m tired of media people interpreting and preaching rather than reporting facts. Most people come to their own conclusions. We don’t need media to tell you what to think. I don’t know why the media keeps putting its own spin. belongings.”

David, I do that because I’m a columnist and I get paid for giving my opinion. It was opinion-based because all my entries are free.

Is that the reason?

By the way, I’m 110% sure you wouldn’t have sent this email if you agreed with the comments I gave.

People complain only when they have a different right to express the opinions or opinions of others.

I’ve never received any tweets or emails like this: “I fully agree with your opinion, but disagree with the use of your platform to provide.”

And I can bet. I won’t get anyone like that either.

Finally, Ed thought about what Justin Timberlake wanted. Major League Baseball Team Brings To Nashville, Tennessee.

I I thought he might want to bring the MLB franchise to Pittsburgh. measure).

Ed, JT’s words are “Cry Me a River” and “Chop Me Up”. Because that email is “dirty”.

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