Create the new Silent Hill Blooper Team

Create the new Silent Hill Blooper Team

A new game from Famous series of horror games ‘Silent Hill’ may be in development now. Polish Studio Blooper Group, named after him Horror titles, He works on a new game whose intellectual property is owned by another well-known company (‘Silent Hill’ first Gonami).

Speculation suggests that ‘Silent Hill’ may be behind the mystery created by the Polish company. At least three years ago, rumors circulated that a new game might be released from the popular franchise for new generation consoles.


The last release of the series Universe was made in 2014 in ‘PD’ format for the PlayStation 4 (executable teaser, its free translation is the executable trailer). The title is a model of an upcoming potential game. This project is by Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima With over 1 million downloads, it was a public and critical success B.S..

The executable trailer is based on the concept of FPS (first person shooting) Shoot games In the first person. The project was not successful and the game was not actually released. One of the main reasons given for the cancellation was the departure of the creator Hideo Kojima from the developer company, Gonami. After dropping, the Konami trailer was removed from the PlayStation Store and not available for download.

However, after the Blooper team was announced, rumors began to heat up again. By announcing that the company’s next release would “shake” the audience, the Blueper Group CEO brought in more potential evidence.

‘Silent Hill’ is a series of video games created on stage in 1999 PlayStation 1. Since then, in addition to the page titles exploring the universe of ownership, at least 8 scenes have been released for the original game.

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