Created by five people, the game sells 2 million copies

Created by five people, the game sells 2 million copies

Two weeks after launch Steam, Multiplayer survival game “Walheim”Sold over 2 million copies and rose to over 360,000 simultaneous platforms –Grand Theft Auto Vs.“e”Rule 2“. All of this with a game created by a team of five.

Richard Svensson, CEO of Iron Gate Studios, said the initial goal was only to offset development costs. “I think our future is secure for a while now,” the administrator joked in an interview with the website Gamespot. In the Brazilian store, “Walheim” is priced at $ 37.99.


Svensson has signed a 2018 release agreement with Coffee Stein for the game. The company previously “Goat SimulatorBefore opening a section for third-party distribution ”and“ satisfactory ”. “The gods really supported Walheim,” says Sebastian Patilock, Coffee Stein’s new business development manager. “We are updating the sales report to get the latest figures and it shows no signs of slowing down,” he added.

“Wolheim” features ten players in a scene inspired by mythology Viking, To survive and reach Asgard. To that end, the characters must explore the Nordic refinery in collaboration, gathering resources, building and fighting. On Steam, Iron Gate Studio only played “Tota 2” and “Counter-Strike” rather than the title.

“We have now achieved more than 700 years of achievement by glorifying the greatest Viking people in human history,” the developers joked. “For reference, the previous peak in Viking numbers was established in 1300, about 500 thousand people,” they added.

Successful places “Walheim” with last year’s popular games “Fall guys“e”Within us“. The latter reached 1.5 million players last September – even though it was released in 2018. “Wolheim” is in early access, and must receive new shots, enemies, bosses, and weapons for at least another year.

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Via: Gamespot/Eurocomer

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