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A mono adventure chrome?

Little Nightmare is not one of those games that features cutting edge graphics. However, the game has a remarkable artistic feel that certainly leaves no indifference. In addition, from the beginning, you will be familiar with if you have played with the first Opus or the famous Limbo Inside side .

The game still operates in the same format: you reach an area, find the place through intrusions and various puzzles, find one of the various villains in the area, eliminate enemies and move on to the next level. Then, 4 times, this process is repeated exactly. Fortunately, different sections of the game are relatively inspired and offer a teacher-led orphanage / school with dark woods or annoying physical characteristics occupied by a fisherman and his family. Unfortunately, although these different areas are somewhat surprising, they seem to be disconnected from each other, and we do not understand where that scene is trying to take us. It makes sense Darcy Studios As suggested by the previous writer, he wanted to present 4 dreams with particularly bad pictures, which is more than just a chaotic world history. Personally, I still do not understand the connection between the last verb and the predecessors that our little disguised hero Mono passes. A little disappointing in this regard, because the game really offers a strong and successful experience, at the expense of unreadable story construction.

Like Emmanuel, Mono… Carranga.

About TouchLittle Nightmare 2 takes everything that has successfully transformed its older brother and adds a level of collaboration. In fact, another character will come with you quickly and assist you in solving various puzzles that stand in your way. If the initial idea is good, the final rendering will be a little confusing. The help at the end is to take a short ladder and reach a ledge using 4 levers to open a door that is alone for you or step back when jumping very large gaps to your feet. Do not expect to solve complex puzzles with precise levels or shapes to fill them: it is not. However, some ecological mechanisms add little interest in solving these various puzzles. In addition, to refresh interest in the topic, the game subtly updates both levels and Not married With interesting scenes, it gives a lasting feeling of insecurity and allows the game to not happen again very quickly. So, the speed throughout the adventure is very good.

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Fortunately, the game is clean because there is still a major flaw in the previous title: deep management. You see this very quickly: the fact that horizontal scrolling adds to that idea makes the stage or stages of the task particularly frustrating because it is a real obstacle. So, sometimes you have a chance to be surprised by a jump or a wrong action because the pixel you expect in the game is not right. Severe conditions do not work for sure. It adds unnecessary thickness to your dream.

Teddy Bear to promise you?

A mono adventurer?

However, even if the test sometimes spoils the experience, it will still be as unreliable as the previous one. The stadium does not need to be innocent for this reason because it presents moments of oppression and, therefore, the enemies are more distorted than each other. To be smart, we will also post a special note about meeting that woman with irritating features. In addition, this soundtrack benefits from the work done on the beautiful soundtrack. Very conservative, but knows how to be particular at the right time, adds the salt needed to make the environment restless and gives life to the adventure our heroes fearlessly go through (in short, this has not yet been proven).

Good to have it in the beginning!

Come on, let’s get up now.

Little Nightmares 2 Not without flaws, it is a sure thing. The main reason is deep management, which makes the game (mostly) dangerous and frustrating. However, we simply can not stick to the game: all the work done with its artistic direction, chaotic sound or visual atmosphere will follow you throughout the adventures. It takes about 5 hours to see the result, which can be a burden for many players if they know the title sells for 30.

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However, despite the inherent flaws of its predecessors, Little Nightmares 2 offers an adventure with enough ambition to awaken your mind, as did the first episode at the time. Such fans, you will definitely like it!

Tests were conducted by Danta from the version provided by the editor.

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