Cusiro talks about finding alternative ways to retain players: if we already have difficulties …

Cusiro talks about finding alternative ways to retain players: if we already have difficulties ...

In a panel discussion on the future of the game, the former coach recalled that the under-19 position was “two seasons without finishing their matches”.

Jose Cusiro, director of the Portuguese Football Association (FPF), agreed at an online conference organized by the Chamber of Modosinhos this Thursday that football “needs to find alternative ways” to retain coaches after the Govt-19 epidemic.

In a panel on the future of the game, the former coach said the under-19 division would “do two seasons without finishing their matches” and called these youngsters “the next players in the senior division” to warn of problems in the training game.

“If we already have difficulties retaining players at this stage of transitioning to seniors, we will be more with the conditions prevailing at this time. Therefore, we need to find alternative ways to retain a greater number of coaches,” he said.

The concern of the vice-president of the FPF was confirmed by the other elements of the group, as Manuel Fernandez, president of the Portuguese Basketball Federation, said “this is a very serious issue” or his handball representative, once again carrying out a good campaign at the World Championships in Egypt.

“There is no two-year competition gap when any players are created at the World Cup,” Miguel Lorenziro noted.

Various leaders, including the president of the Volleyball Federation, Vicente Arazo, were unanimous in pointing out the “lack of sports culture” in Portugal and saw the Covit-19 epidemic as an opportunity to change that reality.

“Changes of this nature are made through an educational process, not imposed, laws and decrees. Change [necessária] It’s clearly cultural, and we need to take this crisis as an opportunity to continue to be more aware of the importance of the game, “said Jose Cusiro.

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Participating in the discussion, the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports considered the lack of competition at the training levels of the joint sports to have “very serious consequences” from a sports and financial perspective, but also by all sports agents in managing the “most responsible” epidemic.

“Controlling the epidemic and the arrival of younger teams is the responsibility of all of us. I do not want to be underestimated. I hope that restarting these teams will solve many of our concerns and contribute a lot to the financial recovery of local clubs,” Joao commented. Palo Rebello.

Competitions at training levels of all joint systems have been suspended since March 2020, when the government adopted the first measures to combat the Govt-19 epidemic.

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