Cyber ​​Week: Saturday Cyber ​​Monday: Good deals for Cyber ​​Week

Cyber ​​Week: Saturday Cyber ​​Monday: Good deals for Cyber ​​Week

During Cyber ​​Week, Saturn expands its discount campaign with good offers and removes VAT for many products. Details here!

Cyber ​​Week on Cyber ​​Monday and Saturday

On Black Friday, bargain hunters can look forward to good deals on Saturday and buy the content of their hearts. The tech retailer seems to be in a more discounted mood because today’s Cyber ​​Monday, there should be good deals for TVs, headphones, smartphones, PlayStation and Nintendo consoles until December 6 throughout Cyber ​​Week. The best Saturn deals for cyber week are here.

For Cyberweek offers on Saturday

Cyber ​​Week on Saturday: 16% of selected brands

In addition to the many offers, Saturn offers 16 percent discounts on select products from JBL, Samsung and Microsoft, such as bars, smart TVs and more. VAT was thus removed for some models.

For VAT offers on Saturday

Nintendo Switch Lite with Animal Crossing as a Cyber ​​Week offer

Saturn has a better chance for the switch light. In a bundle with the game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”, the small Nintendo console costs less than 200 euros. On top of that, there’s a three-month Switch online membership. The whole package is worth over 250 euros. It is definitely worth approaching.



Nintendo Switch Light + Animal Crossing

199.83 259.59

Buy now

Cyber ​​Monday Bee Sat: Samsung Galaxy A51

Earlier this year, the Samsung A51 was the best-selling phone in the world. The success factor is definitely due to the good price-performance ratio because for the money you get a good mid-range smartphone. You will not find the best camera in this price range. As for cyberweek, it is 16 percent cheaper due to the already reduced smartphone promotion. Saturn has the best price.

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  • Display: 6.5 inches / 16.4 centimeters
  • Resolution: 2,400 x 1,080 pixels
  • Camera: Four / 48 megapixels (wide angle) on the back, 12 megapixels (ultra wide angle), 5 megapixels (for bokeh effect), 5 megapixels (macro), 32GB on the front
  • Storage: 128 GB (expandable)

Cyber ​​Week on Saturday: Samsung Galaxy Butts live cheap

As part of Cyber ​​Week, wireless in-ears from Samsung are also available at Galaxy Butts Live Saturn’s Best Price. Above: Small bean-shaped Samsung headphones offer active noise cancellation and up to six hours of battery life. You can control them with the touch-sensitive button and the headset thanks to the integrated microphones. In a special magazine test called, they received a score of 2.0.

PS4 Pro For Sale: How Good Is The Cyber ​​Week Deal?

With the PS5, new generation consoles appeared a few days ago, but buying the PS4 Pro is still worthwhile. Saturn has the best price during cyber week as the Sony console is currently available at good prices. Purchasing is also worthwhile because games for the console will continue. With 4K and HDR technology on board, the Pro version is perfectly suited for gaming, even in the near future.

Samsung The Frame GQ65LS03T

Samsung’s TV “The Frame” has won various design awards. In fact, the look of the TV is special: it is more reminiscent of a picture frame than a classic TV. On Saturday, the frame of a great TV has a new great price. This model was never available for 1252.62 euros.

Microsoft Surface Co2

Surface Go 2 surprises as a Windows system. What looks like a classic tablet will become a work machine suitable for everyday use. Even programs like Photoshop usually run on a small and light tablet computer (certainly not for the more complex work). The processing is perfect, the built-in technology is decent. Unfortunately, the clickable keyboard, also known as the type-cover, is not included in the package – it must be purchased as an option. Nevertheless: 476.78 euros is currently the best price for a strong product.

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Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung’s Galaxy A51 is the best-selling smartphone in the world. Cyberweek has the best price of the device so far: it is currently nowhere cheaper than 218.97 euros. The smartphone is believed to have the best price-performance ratio. Especially when it comes to camera quality, users have to make significant compromises compared to the more expensive Galaxy models.

The most important facts about Black Friday

We all want to take advantage of the great bargaining chip where distributors compete for customers. But where does this tradition really come from? Black silver originally came from the United States. It will always take place on Thanksgiving Day. This year it is November 27th. Since many people take Friday as a bridge day, the day is perfect to start Christmas shopping. Dealers have long responded and turned that day into a bargaining day.

Everyone knows the crazy pictures of the crowd attacking Black Friday stores to get better deals. However, Black Friday is changing more and more online. This year the trend is likely to worsen. So this is no longer about sharp elbows, but about the fast click finger to catch the best deals.

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