Cyberbank 2077 for PS5 and XSX will only come at the end of 2021

Cyberbank 2077 for PS5 and XSX will only come at the end of 2021

The CD project continues a real race against the Red Time, trying to fix all the issues that undermine the popularity of Cyberbunk 2077, which was expected at the start of the decade.

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The projects were so ambitious that the majority of their objectives had to be delayed due to the large scale work that came out, with the need to fix dozens of errors and operational issues on various platforms.

With the introduction of the new PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X (XSX) at the end of last year, the CD project is expected to do its best to release versions for the new generation consoles in 2021, but that will not happen.

According to official information released via Twitter, new versions of the Cyberbank 2077 for PS5 and XSX companies will only be available later this year.

Cyberbunk 2077 for PS5 and XSX will be free for those who have already purchased the game

Although a version specifically designed for the new consoles has not been released, it can be run by purchasing the basic version developed for the PS4 and Xbox One.

The studio has already confirmed that all players who decide to purchase this initial version will have free access to them as soon as the new version is released.

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Most likely, one of the most anticipated additions will be postponed until 2022, along with support for online multiplayer.

Currently, CD Project seems to be working hard to fix many bugs in the game, making Google Stadia Cyberbank 2077 one of the best sites to play.

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