Cyberbank 2077: Save files over 8MB can cause permanent corruption

Cyberbank 2077: Save files over 8MB can cause permanent corruption
Players of Cyberbank 2077 should be aware that if their storage files exceed 8MB, they may become permanently corrupt and unusable. Magic Tacos Issued a PSA to warn others in this matter, and – It is owned by Cyberbunk 2077 Developer CD Project Red – provided the most promising response.

“Unfortunately the storage is damaged and cannot be recovered,” the report said. “Please use the old storage file to continue playing, and try to keep the items and crafts to a minimum. If you have used the item duplicate stumble, please load the unaffected storage Saying that this could be “increased in future links” may not be the best news for those who want to collect everything and design a ton.

Restorer modsharearebattyboys Players shared ways to check their current storage files, which are as follows;

  • PC – % userprofile% Saved Games CD Program Red Cyberbunk 2077
  • PlayStation 4 – Settings> Application Storage Data Management> System Storage Data> Cyberbunk 2077
  • PlayStation 5- Settings> Storage> [Storage device] > Stored Data> PS4 Games / PS5 Games> Cyberbunk 2077
  • Xbox One – My Games and Utilities> Cyberbunk 2077> Menu> Manage Game> Saved Data
  • Xbox Series X | S – My Games & Utilities> Cyberbunk 2077> Menu> Manage Games & Plugins> Stored Data

While this may not affect everyone, it is something to keep an eye on. Although the now-released Hotfix 1.05 does not address this particular issue, many bugs and glitches can cause a smoother experience.

For more information on Cyberbunk 2077, check out our opinion on how Cyberbank is best qualified and how players can get a refund if they are not happy with their experience.

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