Cyberbunk 2077 – All results, how you can achieve secret results •

Cyberbunk 2077 - All results, how you can achieve secret results •

Attention! This page has huge spoilers, you should only read it if you have played Cyberbunk 2077 at least once!

Such a game Cyberpunk 2077 Certainly not the only one Absolutely, But many – and in different genres. And this Secret nodes Can’t forget! How to get or open them all? Read on, you will find out!

This page is not complete: most important tasks and results are coming soon. But you already have a good idea of ​​what is there, what you can do to get there, and where the final course will be set.

Contents Complete Cyberbunk 2077

Carbo’s decision on Cyberpunk 2077

The “Body” -where It deals with the fact that in this case it has nothing to do with the corporate life path, but rather you are able to cooperate with the government.

On the one hand, here are the different variables: Takemura May or may not be alive RoomIf you have saved him before.

You come to an epilogue at a space station where Hanako and Arasaka are trying to help you. After that you can Let it freeze Or you will return Back to Earth, You can enjoy your last days a little more.

What do you need to do for that? Swallows at work “Nocturne OP55N1“Continue the work of pills and“ Lost Cares ”once you are on the roof.

Most important results:

  • Not really special, it’s always available as an option.
  • Do not shoot yourself on the balcony inside Nocturne OP55N1
  • In the end, you always have the option to go digital or return to Earth.
  • Epilogue: Where is my mind?
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Roughness that ends in Cyberpunk 2077

Um “Rogue” -Ende It goes back to business. You let Johnny capture your body and then enter the Arasaka Tower along with Rock and Wayland. In the end, you have a choice between keeping your body or allowing Johnny to take complete control.

Depending on your decision, you can expect two different epilogues. Number 1: V is something he initially believed in, something Knight-City-Legend. He owns a villa, you run afterlife, and then fly into space to the Crystal Palace.

Number 2: Let Johnny take control when Alt exits in cyberspace. You play the guitar, drive around, and finally leave Night City.

What do you need to do for that? To do this, fulfill the quests of Johnny and Rock, of course they must like you too.

Most important results:

  • You have to do side work Of the chip And absolute blister love, so that rudeness can affect you (and do not alienate them during these trips).
  • At Nocturne OP55N1 you should ask Rock for help.
  • For whom are you coming to Bell Dolls and Knocking of Heavens Door.
  • Here you can decide whether to cross the bridge with Alt or go into the trunk, which determines who will stay in the Vs body.
  • Epilogue: The New Dawn Blur is the Path to Glory

Payout results in Cyberpunk 2077

In “Money” -Ende You choose the nomads as a new family. With the help of a tank you enter the Arasaka Tower, which leads to two possible ebbs and flows.

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Epilogue One: Johnny grabs your body and finally leaves Knight City as if on a rough end.

Epilogue Two: Aldecaldos is your new family, you join them and return to Night City.

What do you need to do for that? Complete the nomadic side trips you receive during the game. It doesn’t matter if you have a relationship with money or friends.

  • You have to be friends with money or have a love affair going on.
  • To do this, you continue the page search Riders in the storm, Was successfully completed with the little help of my friends and the Queen of the Highway.
  • You can then ask for help at Nocturne OP55N1 Panam.
  • This leads to two options: go over the bridge with Alt, and then Johnny picks up the body.
  • But if you go into the trunk, a new series of quests follows: We Live Doctor, Forward to Death and Belly of the Beast.
  • Epilogue: With the Watchtower

Secret results in Cyberpunk 2077

There are two Secret results in Cyberpunk 2077:

Secret Result 1: Leave early. What do you need to do for that? During work “Nocturne OP55N1“You sit on the roof. First with Misty, then you talk to Johnny. Are you exhausting all the dead? Then throw away the pills and give yourself the bullet.”

Secret Result 2: Let friends tear it up again without risk – “Don’t be afraid to harvest”. Or to put it another way: you are attacking the Arasaka Tower alone! Sounds crazy? This. What do you need to do for that? Johnny should be your friend, then wait a few minutes on the roof and look back and forth between the gun and him. He should recommend this suicide mission in which you storm through the main entrance with samurai music in the background, but your health does not work. Truly glorious result, followed by the normal epilogue with Johnny.

  • You have to shoot yourself on the balcony to end the “path of minimum resistance”.
  • For “Don’t Be Afraid of the Reaper” you have to be friends with Johnny, which means you have to make side trips Of the chip Do not alienate Johnny in his grave.
  • If you sit on the balcony, gun in hand, do nothing for minutes.
  • Johnny then volunteers to take charge and storm the Arasaka Tower
  • Prepare yourself: excellent weapon, high level, lot healing. No restore points, only one attempt, otherwise credits will run.
  • The route through Arasaka is the best of the other trips: you make your way from the lobby to Mikoshi, which is a long way.
  • If you wish, the final credits will run with mourning
  • When you get enough distance, you can choose between a bridge with a ledge or a trunk.
  • Epilogue: The New Dawn Blur is the Path to Glory
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Again: Cyberbunk 2077 – Complete solution with tips and tricks

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