“Cyberbunk 2077” in technical analysis: excellent graphics with waste in B quality

"Cyberbunk 2077" in technical analysis: excellent graphics with waste in B quality

After several delays, the action roll-flaming game “Cyberbunk 2077” is available from December 10th. Polish development studio CD Project acquires new rights after the “Witcher” series created three successful titles.

In “Cyberbunk 2077”, the in-red engine is used again, but in a more developed version: the 3D API in the PC Project PC version is changed from DirectX11 to DirectX12. It goes hand in hand with advanced processor usage, but with new graphics effects via DirectX Ratchasing (DXR) – initially only with GeForce RTX graphics cards. Even without radiation tracking, players get delicious food like universal lights. Highs stared at the PC version of “Cyberbunk 2077” online.

Instead of “pre-packing” large parts of the lights as in the action-rolling flaming game “The Witcher 3”, that is, by providing them in advance at the beginning, the CD project is called Global Lights with Dynamic Day-Night Cycles for “Cyberbunk 2077”. . As a result, objects cast shadows that match the position of the sun.

With the radiation tracking of “psycho”, developers go one step further and calculate global lighting using virtual light rays. However, this only applies to the sun, because the graphics performance is simply not visible for full radiation tracking. With regard to local light sources, dynamic cube and shadow maps are widely used, for example, to cast shadows while playing figures. If you change the radiant path, the shadows will come out realistically smooth.

In addition, scattered radiation detects light, for example from many billboards, affecting the color of the surrounding surfaces. Even without radiation tracking, lights and display panels illuminate the vapor and bundle that is often encountered. Also added: A radial trace circuit (AO) responsible for the self-shadowing of objects, for example at the edges, and works slightly more accurately than the variant without radial tracing.

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The lights on “Cyberbunk 2077” look great, regardless of whether or not you enable Ray Tracing graphics effects. Even without the virtual rays, the CD project has made a great effort to come close to a realistic representation. As a result, the difference between fully rasterized graphics and radiation tracking is not immediately apparent: technology improves particularly noticeable details in direct comparison.

Slightly more stylish with Radiation Tracking are reflective surfaces such as window panes and puddles that show objects that are not in the player’s field of view – these are completely obscured (screen space reflections) without Radiation tracking. Without radiant traces, building shadows have rough edges to the floor; With radiation tracking, these are smooth. Radiation technique that detects global light: it affects the color of areas in the penumbra, for example in the valleys or on the streets under bridges.

The following screen shots were taken with implemented DLSS (quality) with almost maximum graphic detail. Only post-processing filters will blur the image so they will be turned off.

Maximum radiation detection of graphic effects in “Cyberbunk 2077”. See: Accurate reflections (1), soft shadows (2) and colors affected by scattered light from the sun (3).
(Image: CD Project / Screenshot: High Online)

Gamers who find the graphics effects in “Cyberbunk 2077” will be interested in using the fast RTX graphics card. Our test mode, which includes the Raison 7 3700X, 32GB of DDR4-3600-RAM and GeForce RTX3090, can capture displays at WQHD (2560 × 1440 pixels) with maximum graphics at 30 to 45 frames per second ( Manages frames per second, FPS). Without radiation tracking, the FPS would be almost twice as high.

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If you have been using an intermittent graphics card since the older 2000s, you should reduce the radiation that detects graphics effects or turn them off completely to increase FPS. In addition, the CD project has developed sensible presets with reduced details. In addition, AI Upscaleer Deep Learning Super Sample Technology (DLSS) supports, which reduces render resolution. In the “quality” setting, one-third of the pixels are lost per print without the image quality deteriorating significantly. In our example, the frame rate increased by more than 60 fps.

On the CPU page, “Cyberbunk 2077” uses eight computing cores and more. As for AMD’s Raison processors, body cores are strongly preferred; Logical texts with simultaneous multithreading (SMT) are rarely used. User reports suggestThat code may have been inherited from AMD’s compilers since bulldozer times. With Intel’s ten-core i9-10900K, all 20 threads are used equally; Behavior can be activated with Raison processors by adjusting the hex in the game exe.

CPU usage of “Cyberbunk 2077”; Game Raison does not use logical texts with processors.

(Image: Mandal / High Online Mark)

The shadows are still not in some places. Objects such as chairs in rooms do not always have any shade, and some light sources usually do not create any shadows. As for vehicles, this is a deliberate and common practice in sports: strangers’ cars and motorcycles light up the street in front of them at night, but the objects in front do not create shadows. After all, if you drive yourself, your own headlights cast shadows – it could be people on the sidewalk, pillars or lights.

The wall lights on the bar show shadows, and there is no fluorescent tube at the bottom of the bar.

(Image: CD Project / Screenshot: High Online)

Glasses are real surprise bags: sometimes you can see your own character as expected, sometimes the glasses just appear pixelated clay and sometimes your own character without any clothing – too elaborate.

Example of glass that initially showed accurate reflections, but later only pixelated slush.

(Image: CD Project / Screenshot: High Online)

Extensive levels depending on the distance between the object and the player are called LOD to store system power and memory. In “Cyberbunk 2077”, the structure is very aggressive even in the highest setting, which is noticeable in the details of buildings and shadows: the moving characters do not cast shadows from a few (virtual) meters away, and the settings of the buildings in the background are often not very detailed.

Example of shadows that can only be seen from close-ups.

(Image: CD Project / Screenshot: High Online)

The sound wants to explode while playing music – not with all the players, but with us all the time. The “3D” system works well: Sound sources can be set up very well, even without surround sound headphones.

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