“Cyberbunk 2077”: Sony picks up a video game from the store due to software bugs

Health risks
One of the most expensive video games of all time: Sony is taking the “Cyberbunk 2077” out of its range

Video Game “Cyberbunk 2077”

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“Cyberbunk 2077” should be one of the most important video games of the year, and many gamers are eagerly awaiting it. However, a few days after its release, Sony is releasing the game from its store. Causes Technical problems and health risks.

Due to technical glitches Sony has been taking the hard-earned video game “Cyberbunk 2077” from its store. The Japanese company said on Friday that it will give a full refund to buyers who buy the game at the PlayStation Store.

Over the past few days, users have been reporting numerous software bugs. There were also warnings about the health risks posed by sports. Sony has announced that the “Cyberbunk 2077” will now be removed from the PlayStation Store until further notice. The company justified the demand for “high levels of customer satisfaction”.

Cyberpunk 2077 reviewer reported epileptic seizures

The most anticipated video game worldwide was released last week. From the outset, the creators were forced to warn “Cyberbunk 2077” after a reviewer reported seizures. Polish Development Studio “CD Project Red” said it was looking for a “more permanent solution” to bring the health risk under control “sooner rather than later”.

Various reviewers pointed out software bugs in the game. They accused Sony of offering an unfinished product in the store. “CD Project Red” has been postponed twice before the release date of “Cyberbunk 2077”.

The effort involved in creating the game is enormous: according to the English version, 450 hours of conversations were recorded and spoken by 125 actors – including Hollywood star Keanu Reeves. The Polish bank BOS estimates the production cost at 270 million euros – one of the most expensive video games ever created by “Cyberbank 2077”.


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