Cyberpunk 2077: A fake demo created in 2018 to deceive fans!

Cyberpunk 2077: A fake demo created in 2018 to deceive fans!

For good or bad reasons, Cyberpunk 2077 is in the spotlight in the gaming community, and the latest information certainly will not help CD Project Red keep its fans happy. The investigation by Jaso Schreier (Bloomberg) revealed the horrific details of the development of Cyberbank 2077 and the unethical decisions of those responsible.

After dozens of interviews with current and former programmers involved in the incredible project created by Cyberbunk 2077, Schreier discovered details that further infuriated many fans.

According to Schreier, CD Project Red lied to the whole community when it presented the game’s false demonstration during E3 in 2018. Many interviews refer to the cartoon way in which the managers managed the whole project, rather than 100% dedicated to the development of the game, whose main purpose is to surprise the community.

And especially with regard to the demonstration released in 2018, the programmers guarantee that it was made purely for the sole purpose of astonishing fans and journalists, and they achieved it perfectly. At the time, however, it was light years since Cyberbank 2077 was granted status.

One of the programmers goes further and reveals that they spent many months creating this “demo”, which may have been dedicated to the development of the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 developers believed the magic would happen

All respondents expressed that those in charge of the project always maintain an indescribable attitude about the whole development of the game. For nearly 10 years, they continued to ignore programmers’ warnings about various issues, always saying “everything will be alright” and following the belief that an event called The Witcher 3 had been created, which would happen in cyberbanking in 2077.

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Also, the entire team responsible for the development of the game had a release date in 2022, and it was a terrible surprise when they were informed that the game would be released in late 2020. That is, the magic of a megalonic plan that was already “dependent” was only seen by his administration, which slowed growth for almost two years.

With this new information, it is easy to understand all the issues that Cyberbank 2077 has presented since its launch on December 10th last year.

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