Cyberpunk 2077 has major issues with basic PS4 and Xbox One units

Cyberpunk 2077 has major issues with basic PS4 and Xbox One units
The Cyberbunk 2077 is already selling well, but players on their original PS4s and Xbox One have been reporting major issues with resolution, frame rate, system pop-in and more. Many users on Twitch and social media are documenting the game’s performance on their older computers, and the results are often not pretty. Perhaps the most notable comparison is the memory below (taken from a stream GameCult Live, At about 1:01:00 point):

The Cyberbunk 2077 is currently the last gen game on the console (although it benefits from new-gen hardware upgrades), as advertised, but has never been shown to run pre-release on the original PS4 and Xbox One units.

While it is unlikely that Cyberbunk will make graphical compromises to run on older console models, the declining level of reliability has taken many by surprise.

In both consoles, users report long waits for text loading, blur effect across the entire screen, and key frame rate drops. Bugs are in practice, players report de-posing NPCs, no word of mouth on conversations, and minimize animations:

Widespread reports of accidents, especially on the PS4, have circled:

It is not clear whether all of the above examples work with the Installed Day One connection – some players (including) கோட்டாக்கு) It seems they could not download this. However, our own basic Xbox One footage has been updated to the Day One version, and the textures are failing moments and frame rates are falling (especially in the montage line towards the end):Although CD Project Red did not comment directly on these issues, the Cyberbank Twitter account said today, “The journey has just begun and we are working hard on upcoming fixes and updates for the game.”

C.D. Project Red provided several reprimands for its last open world game, The Witcher 3, which had its own flaws. It remains to be seen how much work can be done for console versions, especially the new-gen versions still in development.

To learn more about cyberbank, check out our review of the game, and check out our great Cyberbank 2077 guide, which includes the full campaign rehearsal.

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