D. Eric King’s 5 DDs lead 11th Miami last NC State, 44-41

D. Eric King's 5 DDs lead 11th Miami last NC State, 44-41

De Eric King NC State Security challenged them to hit him with their hand.

Not only did King rise to the challenge, he won in the air and on the ground.

King had 535 yards and five touchdowns, including a 54-yard touchdown bass Mike Harley In the final minutes, 11th place Miami beat NC State 44-41 on Friday night.

“I was super, super confident in our team,” King said. “I have no doubt we are going to win that game. I wanted an opportunity to finally get there and score.”

An interruption DJ Ivy The hurricane (6-1, 5-1) overcame a 10-point deficit in the fourth quarter to seal the victory.

“Wow, what a game, what a great win,” the head coach said Mani Dias Said. “Credit to the NC state, they gave us everything we could handle.”

King passed 41 of 31 for a season-high 430 yards and threw a touchdown pass Will Mallory, Dee Wiggins, Mark Pope, And for two Harleys, finished with eight receptions for 153 yards. King rushed for 105 yards in 15 carries.

“What De Eric King Tonight was special, “Diaz said.” Throwing for 430 and running for 105, it was absolutely remarkable and his best when needed. “

With a total offense of 620 yards, Miami will finish second in the ACC, having to play unbeaten Saturday against first-team teams Clemson and Notre Dame this week.

“This team has something about this, we can find a way to win the game,” Dias said. “I’m so proud to find a way to win a game like that on the road against a team that was playing so well.”

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NC State (4-3, 4-3) took a 41-31 lead after a balanced attack in the fourth quarter, totaling 410 yards (279 passes, 131 quicks) and returning a 100-yard kickoff to a major touchdown Sonovan Knight, Scored twice.

Christopher Dunn scored a 53-yard field goal to give NC State a 41-31 lead in the first game of the fourth quarter.

The hurricane pulled 41-34 with a 38-yard field goal Jose Boregalls In the next drive.

After the defensive stop, King delivered on a key drive. He took a 28-yard run and then two plays later bore a win in the pocket, while the Pope turned a 14-yard strike into NC State 9.

“I felt confident and allowed it to rip through the night,” King said. “I had to throw the ball and run the ball. I played for free.”

King ran the ball down 1 to bring the fourth down. But a wrong start Jarrit Williams The field goal prompted Diaz to bring in Diaz instead of going to the unit, and Borrells quietly knocked on the 22-yard line, pulling the left to 6:12 in the 41-37.

“As a competitor I wanted to be on the field, but kicking the field goal made sense,” King said. “It showed what kind of coach Dias is, he believes in safety.”

Diaz’s results proved to be correct.

“I thought the important thing was the run game, they were able to run the ball in the first half and realized that if we stopped the run game, we would make plays in the passing game,” Diaz said.

Miami’s defense struggled all night, but always came up with a big stop D’Cory Coach Dismissal Bailey Hawkman Force a bunt.

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“There are a lot of frustrating things, but when they had to do plays, the guys trusted each other and they found a way to do it,” Diaz said.

Curwan Hall Bunt lost five yards on his return, and then King was flagged for a deliberate bang in the first play, giving Miami 2 and 18, with four minutes left in the main movement.

King put Harley in the middle for 35 yards on penalties in the next play.

“Mike took a great catch and we really liked that play,” King said.

Three plays later, he saw Harley over the middle, using his pace to run the final 30 yards without touching 54-yards, leaving Miami with a 44: 1 lead of 2:43.

“When you’re like a quarterback De Eric King, You’ll never feel left out of the game, “Dias said.” We realized we could score them, we realized we could drop them on the field, and it really ended. “

Ivy intercepted the pass of Hockman’s first play, which was directed by N.C. Brought to an end the regrettable attempt of the States.

Jose Boregalls At the start of the third quarter he hit a 36-yard field to tie the game at 24.

Knight’s 1-yard touchdown run gave NC State a 31-24 lead.

After King’s fourth touchdown pass, the Pope responded with a 17-3-yard, 38-11 lead to a 38-31 lead by returning to the Knight 100-yard kickoff to level the game at 31, setting up an exciting fourth quarter.

Both teams touched the first two possessions to start the game as the teams finished at 14 at the end of the first quarter.

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NC State scored in a tactical play Bailey Hawkman Caught a 31-yard touchdown in a throwing pass Thayer Thomas.

Miami faced with a nine-play, 75-yard drive, which was almost three and out. Instead, Diaz chose to go from their own 34s on the 4th and 1st, and King responded with a 42-yard run. King eventually found Mallory for a 3-yard touchdown.

Hawkman teamed up with Devin Carter for an 11-yard touchdown score, sidelining Ivy for a 14-7 lead.

39-yard touchdown pass from King to Wiggins Tied the hurricanes by 14 with a volley.

When King dropped a 20-yard touchdown pass to Harley in the second quarter, Hurricane took the first lead of the game as he grabbed the shoulder running towards the rear pylon for a 21-14 advantage.

Tunn reduced the 42-yard field goal deficit to 21-17, then advanced 24-21 on Wolfback Hockman’s nine-yard touchdown pass. Gary Angeline.

NC State took the lead 24-21.

“Half the time we were on the ropes,” Diaz said. “The leader of this team came into the locker room at half time and calmed everyone down.”

Christopher Stock has covered the Miami hurricane since 2003 and can be accessed by email [email protected] And on Twitter Ins Insight Thou.

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