Dak Prescott suffered a fatal injury for the Dallas Cowboys.

Dak Prescott suffered a fatal injury for the Dallas Cowboys.

Prescott underwent surgery to treat a complex fracture and a dislocation of the right ankle.

The operation “washes the wound and repairs the fracture,” according to the team’s statement.

The injury occurred in the third quarter with a scramble that Prescott awkwardly tackled Giants Free Safety Logan Ryan. The medical staff ran to the scene and splinted their legs while the players and coaches from both teams watched with great interest.

In a statement Monday, Cowboys said, “Doc Prescott’s operation was successfully completed last night and he is expected to be discharged from hospital today.”

A timetable for Prescott’s recovery has not yet been provided, but his brother Tad shared a picture of Doc laughing in hospital bed before surgery on social media and promised “he will come back stronger than ever.

Prescott’s Grief

Prescott came in this season with a one-year franchise tag, which means he will be breaking contracts at the end of the season.

He was going to get a huge salary by the end of this season with one of the highest bidders in the cowboys or elsewhere in the league.

Quarterback of Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Ma Holmes It currently has the most profitable deal in sports history. Reportedly It is worth up to 500 million dollars.

The 27-year-old Prescott has led the league in Passyards, Trials and Finishes this season and is likely to have a similar contract with Ma Holmes.

However, teams including the Cowboy may be less likely to sign him a big deal for fear that he will not return the same player.

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Prescott, the 2016 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, is a popular player across the league, with tributes overflowing for him after he left the pitch.

Before the season begins, Prescott Struggle with depression The importance of reaching out to those around you After my brother died earlier this year.

Everyone appreciates the people around the league that the arch rival Giants players kneel with their Prescott Cowboys teammates as he leaves the pitch.

What about cowboys now?

Despite having spent so many seasons with Prescott’s arm so far, it was only the second team of the season that the Cowboys had won 37-34 against the Giants.

They are currently a disappointing third place in the NFC East category due to poor defensive performance.

‘Boy’ scored 126 points this season, 42 points more than the Eagles, which reached the top of the NFC East. However, their defense scored 146 points, the highest in the league this season.

Andy Dalton replaces injured Prescott and is one of the league’s most experienced backup quarterbacks, but without a star player, it’s hard to see the Cowboys increase their odds of making it to the playoffs this year.

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