Dallas County reports 1,675 new corona virus cases, two COVID-19 deaths

Dallas County reports 1,675 new corona virus cases, two COVID-19 deaths

A further 1,675 corona virus cases were reported in Dallas County on Saturday, all of which are considered new. Two new COVID-19 deaths have been reported.

The latest victims were two Dallas men in their 70s, who were hospitalized with serious illness and health conditions.

“Advanced numbers are, in the beginning, a sign that residents are renewing their strength and engaging in shared sacrifice and patriotism to keep our community and our country strong until the vaccine is widely distributed and has its effect,” Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said in a written statement.

“We need to keep it up and make those smart decisions. Within the next week, we will get a sense of what the aftermath of Thanksgiving will be like, and we know that with the cold weather, more people will be pushed into tight spaces indoors as COVID cases increase.”

Of the new cases reported on Saturday, 1,411 have been confirmed and 264 are cases. The newly declared cases bring the county’s total confirmed cases to 132,890 and potential cases to 13,430. The county reported 1,232 confirmed COVID-19 deaths and 38 possible deaths.

The county recently announced that it only counts positive antigen tests (sometimes called rapid tests) as possible events; A few antibody and “home” results were added earlier.

While giving estimates of how many people have recovered from the virus in other North Texas counties, Dallas County officials Do not report redemptions, Indicates that the Central Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not use that metric.

Health officials use hospital admissions, intensive care admissions, and emergency room visits as key criteria to detect the real-time impact of COVID-19. During the 24-hour period ending Friday, 764 COVID-19 patients were in intensive care at hospitals across the county. During the same period, 474 ER visits were for symptoms of the disease.

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Since Nov. 1, 5,320 school-age children have tested positive for COVID-19, the county said. The county said 13 schools have been temporarily closed for live instruction this week.

Two-thirds of all confirmed cases that need to be hospitalized so far are under the age of 65, and the county says diabetes is a fundamental condition for one-third of all hospital admissions.

The county’s provisional seven-day average for daily fresh confirmed and potential cases for the most recent reporting period is 1,069. This number is calculated by the date of collection of the COVID-19 test.

Dallas County did not give a positive rating to all COVID-19 tests conducted in the area; District health officials said they did not have an accurate count of how many tests are performed each day. But as of the county’s most recent reporting period, 22.3% of hospitals with COVID-19 symptoms tested positive for the virus. This is an increase from the previous reporting period, when 20.4% of such patients tested positive.

There are currently 97 outbreaks in long-term care facilities, including 927 cases in the last 30 days.

District judges and mayors across North Texas on Saturday received an official announcement of business inefficiencies triggered by high COVID-19 hospital admission rates.

The hospital area of ​​North Texas reached the seven-day limit on Thursday with 15% or more hospital beds occupied by patients who tested positive for COVID-19. Achieving that criterion raises the efficiency of restaurants from 75% to 50%, and bars to close under one Order set by Greg Abbott.

State Health Commissioner Dr. John Hellerstead sent letters to North Texas district judges on Saturday, officially announcing the order and what it is.

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The letter was a formality, however, and local officials have been aware of the order since Thursday.

Starting Saturday, restaurants, retail stores, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, gyms and fitness facilities, museums and libraries should not be more than 50% in North Texas, Hellerstead said in the letter.

Statewide data

Across the state, a further 11,627 cases and 247 COVID-19 deaths were reported Saturday. Texas now reports 1,240,750 confirmed cases and 22,502 deaths.

Texas hospitals have 8,916 Govt-19 patients, including 2,454 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

As of Saturday, 14.94% of hospital-admitted patients in the North Texas Hospital area were COVID-19 patients. According to Abbott’s order, business capacity must remain below the 15% limit in the region for seven consecutive days to increase again.

The statewide seven-day average positive rate based on the date of test sample collection was 14.23% as of Friday. State health officials said the use of data based on it when people were tested provides a very accurate positive rate.

The government also offers a positive rate based on when laboratory results are reported to the state; That rate was 14.26% as of Friday.

Officials previously calculated Texas’ corona virus positive rate by dividing the most recent seven days by the number of new positive test results by seven days of total new test results. At that level, according to the state dashboard, the positive ratio is now 14.05%.

A spokesman for the Texas State Department of Health Services said positive rate data based on laboratory results and new events will be phased out, but still provided for transparency and continuing purposes.

Doctors look at a lung CD image at a hospital in Seoken, China.

Torrent County

Torrent County reported 1,302 corona virus cases and a new death on Saturday.

Information about the most recent victim is not available.

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The newly declared cases make up the county total of 108,480, including 95,882 confirmed cases, 12,598 potential cases and 76,022 recoveries. The death toll stands at 872.

According to Saturday numbers on the County Dashboard, 851 people have been hospitalized with the virus.

Colin County

The state added 422 corona virus cases to Colin County’s total on Saturday, bringing the total to 28,547. Five new COVID-19 deaths have been reported, bringing the county’s death toll to 277.

No details about the latest victims are available.

According to state data, the county has 3,167 active cases of the virus and recorded 25,380 recoveries.

The County Corona Virus Dashboard only serves hospitals total, now 320.

Tenton County

There have been 389 corona virus cases reported in Tenton County – 267 of which are active – with no new deaths on Saturday.

The county has a total of 26,034 newly reported cases, of which 6,882 are active and 18,994 are recoveries. The death toll stands at 158.

The newly announced cases raised the county’s total molecular cases to 21,903, while antigen cases stood at 4,131.

According to county data, 127 COVID-19 patients have been hospitalized with the virus.

Other districts

The report for these other North Texas districts was taken by the Texas State Department of Health Services. In some districts, new data may not be reported every day.

Recent numbers:

  • Rockwall County: 3,540 cases, 39 deaths.
  • Kaufman County: 5,369 cases, 87 deaths.
  • Ellis County: 7,905 cases, 127 deaths.
  • Johnson County: 6,364 cases, 115 deaths.

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