Dana White is not concerned that Donald Trump’s loss could cause a UFC backlash.

Dana White is not concerned that Donald Trump's loss could cause a UFC backlash.

LAS VEGAS — UFC President Dana White’s relationship with US President Donald Trump is well documented. White said on behalf of Trump At the Republican National Convention in 2016 and 2020, Trump attended UFC 244 in New York, and White and several UFC fighters joined Trump’s campaign halt as he sought reelection.

But on Wednesday night Trump’s prospects for re-election are dark.. Democratic contender Joe Biden leads the electoral count and there are signs that voting is trending in the direction of the former vice president in a few states that have not yet been fully counted.

If White is concerned that the change in the administration will affect UFC’s fortunes after a close relationship with Trump, he is not showing it.

“I think Biden doesn’t even know who I am,” White said at a press conference after the DWCS 34 battle at UFC Apex. “I think Biden doesn’t know who Biden is.”

White’s relationship with Trump wasn’t the only connection to the MMA with Tuesday’s elections at federal, state and local levels. The UFC Hall of Fame has been elected. Tito Ortiz was elected to the City Council in his hometown of Huntington Beach, California, ranking first in the field of 15 candidates competing for three vacancies and serving a four-year term.

White and Ortiz collided over the years, and White frequently questioned Ortiz’s intelligence. However, he refused the opportunity to hit him on Saturday.

When asked about Ortiz’s victory, White said, “Good for him. “That’s good for him.”

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