Daniel Cormier-This is Khabib Nurmagomedov I know.

Daniel Cormier-This is Khabib Nurmagomedov I know.

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More than anything Kaviv Nur-Mago Medov And I am a friend.

I watched this guy grow from a young Russian kid who doesn’t speak English to a world-class superstar.

He came with a dream, not a lot of money. American Kickboxing Academy Team Member Shawn Bunch I picked him up at the airport and took him to McDonald’s where he was hungry and fed him. And he took him to the gym.

Khabib was (18-0) undefeated at the time, and we talked a little with him because he couldn’t speak much English. You saw him intend to get better. You see the child, Luke Lock Hold Show him something. And Kane Velazquez I’ll show him something. And I’ll show him something. Everyone drew on him because he is different, like a child who wants to learn and wants to do what you told him. He didn’t ask anything.

Even now as he is a global superstar, you are a coach. He won’t ask anything you ask him to do. He’s not going to question the way you told him. He is a sponge of knowledge. I remember that everyone is attracted to him because of the real core part of his personality that made him want to learn and try to be there all the time.

One thing I’ve always enjoyed is the original name “Dagestan’s Eagle”. He wasn’t just “Eagle”, he fought at UFC and somehow copied the audio from Bruce Buffer introducing him. So he will always do that. Go to the locker room and you will hear the words “Eagle of Dagestan, Nurmagomedov”. Some of the English he first learned was how Bruce introduced him to Octagon.

‘Brother, I will be the world champion’

I know he once said, a few years ago, “Brother, I will be a world champion, and I will fight for ten million dollars in every fight.” I’ll promise. A few years ago, we all “have no chance.” Because no one made ten million dollars at that time. And I’m pretty sure right now Khabib is making $10 million 28-0 as world champion.

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He certainly didn’t need money, but he said so because he said it would change. He’s getting so big that things will change. And it happened now. He did everything he said he would do.

Living in Dagestan, he doesn’t need much. It doesn’t cost much. We sent the kids to wrestle in January and Khabib paid for the hotel. He was my little wrestler, so I took care of them. The hotel was not very expensive. He doesn’t need much. He does it because he likes it.

I think a lot of things about his background are very protected and intentionally protected. He’s a little mystery, and I think part of the plot against him is a mystery. So I’m not going to blow the top off.

If I want to share something, I think of the robbers whose father Abdul Manab and his father lived together. I had to imagine a young Kabib growing up in that house. When I was the world’s light heavyweight champion, one day when I was trying to lose weight, Khabib’s father fought me against me and that friend really tried to win. He was wrestling to win. Just an intense man, a very knowledgeable man. I know he raised Khabib pretty hard.

‘I’ve never had an English interview because I’m so nervous’

Around 2015 and 2016, Khabib came to Fox for an interview. And I was doing “UFC Tonight” and “I can do it. Just try it.” He said, “I’ve never had an English interview because I’m too nervous.” I thought he did a good job, but he would say but he s – All he did was a trash can because we always mocked him, we made fun of him for the climax of his little widow, we used to call him Eddie Munster, and he hated it, and He just learned to talk about garbage, and now, all he does is speak.— all the time.

There were instances when Khabib lacked a training partner and would go there and spar him. I’m just working, but honestly I can’t be with Khabib as much as you want. He’s not a normal 155 pounds. He is big and strong. He can wrestle, so you usually have to give it a little more than giving it to a little guy, but that’s what makes him special. He could stand across the octagon from me, and then I was the world’s heavyweight champion, went there and sparred a bit with him and that friend was fearless. Since this dude really wants to win, you usually have to give up a little more than giving it to your little one. He is like his father.

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He wrestles too much and is wild. He wrestles more than anyone I’ve ever seen. Absurd control is getting better because he thinks I’ve never seen anyone with the best control in my life. He’s been beating men for a while, so it’s better to chase the finish when he gets to the top. He didn’t finish as much as he wanted. But now he is finishing up. All the control Khabib now does with his legs has never been the same. He was a wrestling guy like me and we tried to control everything with arms and squeezes, over the years developed the ability to control with legs and completely changed the game.

Knock down Conor McGregor, And gaze Georges St-Pierre

Khabib takes a lot of pride in the fact that he knocked down Conor McGregor. It had to be a wrestler vs striker, and it was a big deal for him that he scored a knockdown.

But he doesn’t really say Connor’s name. I guess I’ve never heard him say Connor’s name. It’s always’this man’. I think he will tell you how he feels about him. And I try to trick him and say so. He won’t.

I don’t think he will be much longer. I think you should accept it right now. Obviously he doesn’t have to fight. I am sure he has enough money to live in Dagestan all his life. I think I’ll fight for a maximum of 1-2 years. Then, spend time with your family. I know he doesn’t like every time he comes to camp because he misses his kids and his wife.

“I went into the locker room before he fought Connor and couldn’t believe the quiet of the room. The room wasn’t full of tense energy. We got me and my son in there and he started wrestling with my son., Before the game, ”

Daniel Comeer

I think some of Khabib’s disappearing sooner or later is part of the reason we all love him so much. As long as he is the champion, his teammates Muslim makhachev I can’t. And he feels Islam is the champion if he doesn’t fight. Even if it’s to give it to Islam, he won’t take long.

And it will be annoying. When Khabib leaves, it will be a terrible day for all of us at AKA. Because he brings a different atmosphere and a different feel to the gym. And he always does. I am not a champion now. Everyone loved Khabib when he was a kid who knew nothing. Because he brought something different to our gym. He was like a Russian brother with great potential. Now he is the younger brother of Russia, a global superstar.

I think it will be over when he’s done. Sometimes I think I can see it on social media. But I think he will leave. I don’t know if he is one of those who love fame. Some people like fame. Probably so. I think he will be with his colleagues. But I don’t know if he will be a random looking man.

He loves competition. He loves the ability to go out and do something special and let people talk. I think for him Fight Week means you can get in there and do something. I don’t know all the interviews and everything up to it, but he did really well.

Before he fought Conor I entered the locker room and couldn’t believe the quiet of the room. The room wasn’t full of tense energy. Because a man lost, he was so nervous that he didn’t seem to have entered the room with people. Still yes. We got me and my son in there and he started wrestling with my son before the game. I think he’s living for that moment.

GSP he will be leaving. If Khabib is going to fight the GSP, that’s probably the last one to see him. Because I know how much he respects him. He respects Georges and wants to fight Georges for all the right reasons.

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