Dataminer reveals details of the new version of the Nintendo Switch Pro

Dataminer reveals details of the new version of the Nintendo Switch Pro

References to a potential upgrade model of the Nintendo Switch were found in a recent console firmware update, which further strengthens rumors that a new console is coming soon.

New information discovered by Datamine Skiers m, Says that the new firmware refers to the new hardware with the code name ‘class’.

The new ALA system uses the Marico (Tegra X1 +) Sochi chip, similar to the Nintendo Switch Lite. Datamine suggests that the chip can run at high speeds and support the new console 4K Ultra HD definition, which may be in its dock, which allows 4K resolution when connected to a TV.

In addition, the class should have “significantly better” cooling and longer battery life.

Despite all these rumors, Duck Bowser, the current head of Nintendo, promises that the company will focus on the current models of the console, but not on the Pro version of the Switch.

However, this does not preclude rumors, or analysts predict that Nintendo’s console will be the best – selling console in 2021, largely thanks to the new version that will be introduced this year.

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