Dave Kroll Drum War: Crowley is writing a song with the female Fo Fighters who challenged the drum war.

Dave Kroll Drum War: Crowley is writing a song with the female Fo Fighters who challenged the drum war.

Nandi Bushel, a young multi-instrumentalist who captured the hearts of thousands of people after he began sharing videos of himself playing drums and guitar while screaming, immediately accepted his invitation during a video chat last week.

During their Virtual Conversation – In which Bushell first met rock legend and taught him how to shout while doing drumrolls – Kroll asked her to listen to the show with his band.

“When the Foo Fighters finally come to the UK, do you think you’re up on stage and crowded with us?” Kroll asked. “But it has to be at the end of the set because you’re going to steal the show. It can’t be at the beginning of the set because if you come out first, it’s downhill from there.”

“Yes, of course, 100%,” she replied quickly.

In their conversation Kroll shared words of wisdom and told him how he started playing the drums.

Bushell explained about the meeting On Instagram, “Mr. Kroll! It’s an honor to meet you and EPIC! I was so happy to talk to you.”

“I really can’t wait to write a song with you and perform on stage with Foo Fighters! Wow this is always going to be the biggest rock song ever! Better than what Denasius D wrote!” Bushell posted.

Although it is not clear when the Fu Fighters will be able to travel back to concerts, the pair agreed that when they finish the shows together, the two will sing, while Krol will play guitar, Nandi will play bass and drums.

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Two, separated by decades of experience and one The iconic “MTV Undivided” Performance, should Squared off again and again (Online) In the ongoing drum battle. In September, even the Grammy-winning rocker Wrote an original song About Nandi and his foresight.

“Nandi was surprised and couldn’t believe it was real,” Nandi’s father, John Bushel, told CNN. “He was a star, but he read it so well. I think Dave was a little nervous. Can’t wait to write a song with Davey. This is the part he talks about the most.”

Nandi, from Ipswich, England, was five years old when he first started playing drums. He now plays many instruments, including bass, guitar and drums. She also learns the piano.

This is not the first time the rocker has received some kind of love from his favorite musicians. In June, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello sent her one of his guitars Looking at her card Their 1999 anthem “Gorilla Radio.”

CNN’s Scottie Andrew contributed to the report.

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