David Letterman confronts Kim Kardashian West for cooperation with Trump

David Letterman confronts Kim Kardashian West for cooperation with Trump

DThe avid Letterman knows how to make a splash. Over three seasons of his Netflix interview series My next guest does not need an introduction-Most recently declined this Wednesday-Electronics Late show The host landed the most famous guest in each premiere episode.

In early 2018, former President Barack Obama was the first The most in-depth camera interview after work To Letterman with a long beard. Last year season 2 Sitting like a fiery with Kanye West, He told liberals he was “bullied” for supporting Trump and admitted that he had never voted in his life. “Then you can’t say this,” Letterman again stood up to the crowd cheers, including the rapper’s wife Kim Kardashian West.

Now it’s time for the fashion tycoon, who has become a reality show star, to join Letterman on stage for another fascinating conversation to open season 3.

Letterman begins a recorded interview earlier this year, before the onset of the coronavirus epidemic, admonished that the Kardashian clan arrived late at the theater. “Oh my God, isn’t the show time on the ticket?” He jokesly asks during reception by Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, and Khloe Kardashian. The vacant seat next to Jenner will soon be occupied by the later Kanye West.

The interview itself begins with Letterman’s truly curious question about the hair extension before the host actually submits some sort of apology to mock it. Catching Up The Kardashians His Late show Monologue of the past. “Well, we’re not laughing right now,” he says, pointing to the overwhelming success the family has achieved. He also rejects any notion that Kardashian is “famous for being famous”. Because he admits that a bit of skill is involved in making a show like his own.

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From there, it quickly transitions to more practical topics, including the father’s role in the OJ Simpson trial. She still won’t say if he thinks he’s guilty because of respect for his children. And Kardashian’s most recent prison sentence reform as an advocate. Of course leading to her Almost alliance with President Donald Trump.

“We will work with the White House to help with the amnesty for the next several administrations,” explains Kardashian. A picture of her appears on the screen with Alice Johnson. She personally persuaded the president to commute to life in prison, In the oval office with Trump.

Letterman is clearly uncomfortable with the idea of ​​helping Trump’s image. “But instead of imposing reforms through the current administration, what’s going on, somehow allowing the balance of democracy to return to the path to survival. Do you think?”

It’s a terrible and ridiculous question that elicits the only logical response from a guest who answers “Well, I don’t know what you just said.”

When laughter and applause disappear, Letterman tries another way. “I am grateful for what you are doing, but I am not feeling better about the current administration,” he says. But she Performed repeatedly over the past few years, Kardashian refuses to say one bad thing about the man in the White House and only says “I understand” to him.

She won’t even tell you who Letterman is voting for in the presidential election, and he sits quietly saying, “I know who I’m going to elect,” as he presses her. The interview was recorded before Joe Biden confirmed the Democratic nomination and before Kanye West, Officially throws his MAGA hat into the ring, The obvious meaning is the one who is most likely to beat Trump.

“Trust me. Everyone called me and said,’Don’t step into the White House. Otherwise, the fame is over,” says Kardashian. Otherwise, you die in prison.

“But see, your good work is overwhelming,” admits Letterman. “It is a positive force to reduce what you think is the president’s unacceptable behavior.”

Trust me. Everyone called me and said,’Don’t dare step into the White House. Otherwise, your reputation is over.’

Kim Kardashian West

Rather than agreeing that such “unacceptable behavior” exists, Kardashian said he was “very grateful” for the administration’s work on criminal justice reform and would “focus on” what he could achieve.

“Why don’t you feel that way? Am I not as good as you are?” Letterman asks in response before realizing that he has reached a dead end and has moved to another subject. Their conversation 2016 Paris Robber Kardashian was convinced that she would die.

Throughout time, Letterman’s apparent love for Kardashian is evident. Ultimately he tells her that she “come out to the right of everything”. However, he also clearly suffers from his blatant refusal to criticize Trump. Have known for decades I shouldn’t have been given the authority of the presidency.

Months after the interview, Alice Johnson appeared as a featured speaker at the Republican National Convention. However, she expressed excessive gratitude to the president for commuting the sentence, Did not support him during his second term. Like Kardashian, Johnson told CNN’s Jake Tapper that she “focused” on this narrow mission and didn’t want to say anything that could offend Trump’s pride.

As a fellow reality show star, Kardashian knows that Trump is far more interested in likes than he actually helps people, so she won’t even reveal any hint of disapproval. Letterman has become a world-class interviewer with a new long format, but you can’t even break her.

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