De Vanessa Kirby’s talent for confirming theatrical femino ‘pieces of a woman’

De Vanessa Kirby's talent for confirming theatrical femino 'pieces of a woman'

It is a difficult task to illuminate the entire scene that triggers the image Pieces of a woman, Now available on Netflix. Nearly thirty minutes of continuous shot – uncut shots – is provided from the beginning to the end of Martha’s (Vanessa Kirby) work. Assisted at home by her partner (Shia LaBeouf) and a midwife (Molly Parker), Martha suffers from contractions, walks around, feels nauseous, and listens to music. Intoxicated, she declares herself to her partner – finally, she draws strength from herself to give birth to her daughter. Growing tension has a sad effect. In the next scene, in deliberate reaction, Martha returns to the office working under curious eyes. She did not want to talk about what had happened. You want to progress.

In real life, a similar pain took over screenwriter Katta Weber and her husband, director Cornell Mundrooks. The Hungarian couple who led the film experienced the pain of a miscarriage – both of whom are still struggling to talk about the case. “The film was therapeutic,” Katha told VEJA. To make his first film set in the United States in English, the filmmaker needed an actress capable of carrying a huge dramatic load without slipping too much. Vanessa proved to be the obvious choice after the first meeting. “She has the most beautiful silence I have ever heard,” says Mundrews.

As the protagonist, Vanessa is super. He creates the 32-year-old British Theater famous for bringing young Princess Margaret to life Crown, Guides his character through a complex vortex of emotions. Their behavior becomes motivated and difficult after the loss. However, for the family, their actions did not match the expected forms of grief. Tula Agnes Geraub was unjustly imprisoned in Hungary, a case inspired by another true story – especially because of Martha’s lack of interest in suing the midwife. Tension accumulated by Martha finally explodes in another powerful scene, in which he argues with his mother (the impeccable Ellen Burstin). Vanessa, who was voted Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival, is now on the Oscar list (like Ellen). She deserves such an award.

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January 20, 2021, published in VEJA of version nº 2721

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