Debate overwhelms Billie Eilish’s live Q&A.

Billy Eilish I recently attended a live Q&A session on Instagram that sparked a hot debate. When the artist asked about the dress’The Dress’ he wore five years ago, the artist created an optical illusion that confuses fans of color. The artist referred to a similar situation in which his father was confused about a pair of colors. NikeShe wore it. After pulling out the shoes for the camera, Billie was shocked that a lot of people agreed with his dad.

What many think of as a pink and white pair Nike Air More Up TempoThe camera’s s was actually mint and white. The artist took a screenshot of the Google image of the actual shoe to reveal the original color. Maintaining a firm commitment to the actual color of the shoe, she informed fans that the shoe was really mint and ended the debate after showing additional images of the shoe. However, the discussion didn’t end because some fans were stuck in the color they kept seeing, but Billie decided to cut out the “nonsense” part and ultimately end the session.

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