Demi Lovato unveils music video for political song’Commander in Chief’

Demi Lovato unveils music video for political song'Commander in Chief'

Demi Lovato Released a music video for the politically charged national anthem.Commander in chief“Wednesday night.

Singer her feelings President Trump It is abundantly evident in her new song.

“Commander, honestly / if I did what you were doing / I couldn’t sleep seriously,” she sang and said, “Do you know the truth?

In the music video, Lovato had a diverse group of people who lip synced or used sign language to perform lyrics.

DEMI LOVATO’s Billboard Music Awards performance’vote’ message, severely censored by NBC

At the end of the video, she appears and sings the last half of the politically imposed song.

Singer Billboard Music Awards Wednesday night. one, NBC Apparently fans censored her plea for voting Upcoming election.

TMZ Lovato secured the performance scene as intended for airing, and the word “vote” popped out of the stage after the song was finished.

However, during the broadcast, the camera cut a close-up of the singer when the music stopped, not in the background of a political theme.

Demi Lovato unveils politician’supreme commander’ targeting President Trump

Sources told outlets that the NBC felt that the “vote” message called for a vote on him too clearly because “the Supreme Commander” was a song against Trump.

Network Host City Hall with Trump On Thursday evening.

Lovato did not hesitate when it came to feelings for Trump. She got back against the release of the song.

Demi Lovato has released a music video for the political song’Commander’. (Photo: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Angry fans on Instagram encouraged them to share their reaction to the Instagram Story by commenting on a recent post to express their annoyance.

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“I don’t care if this ruined my career,” Loovato clapped. “That’s not it. My career isn’t that way. I’ve created a piece that symbolizes something I believe in. I’m putting it out despite the risk of losing a fan. I’m going to take integrity. I sell it all day in my job.”

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She went on to explain that as a “rare Hispanic woman,” she “will not be silent.” [her] Views / beliefs to please the fans.

Fox News’ Nate Day contributed to this report.

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