Denver Broncos vs. Atlanta Falcons Live Score and Stats – November 8, 2020 Game Tracker

Denver Broncos vs. Atlanta Falcons Live Score and Stats - November 8, 2020 Game Tracker

Atlanta (AB) Matt Ryan throws three touchdown passes using Denver’s thin second-half Atlanta Falcons Denver’s attempt was withdrawn for the second time in a row Broncos 34-27 Sunday.

Ryan finished 25 of 35 passes for 284 yards with an interception. Atlanta (3-6) advanced to 3-1 under interim coach Rahim Morris.

Atlanta led Denver (3-5) 20-3 at half-time. Drew Lock, who tried to come back in the fourth quarter, threw two touchdown passes and ran 34-27 for a 10-yard score in the final quarter. With Atlanta leading by seven points, the Broncos took the ball with 20 seconds and 44 seconds remaining. Following Boot ‘s three imperfections, a stumbling block ended possession.

A week after the Chargers threw three fourth-quarter touchdown passes to help Denver win 31-30 again, Locke tried to trigger another rally. With Atlanta leading 27-6, Locke threw a 20-gauge scoring pass early in the fourth quarter, and Denver’s next possession was under pressure when Locke threw the ball to Ricardo Allen, who turned the ball over 20 yards and blocked Denver 12.

Two plays later, Todd Curley’s 4-yard scoring run extended Atlanta’s lead to 34-13. In less than four minutes, Locke responded with a 9-gauge scoring pass to Tim Patrick.

Lock completed 25 of 48 passes with two touchdowns and one interception for 313 yards. Denver is not an effective running game to help lock. Philip Lindsay had eight carries for 23 yards.

The Falcons scored in their first four possessions, developing Ryan’s ability to find holes in Franco’s reduced secondary. Denver’s opening cornerbacks AJ Bowie and Bryce Calhan came out with concussions and ankle injuries, respectively.

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Atlanta changed six of the seven third falls in the first half. The offense had no trouble coping with the absence of opening receiver Calvin Ridley, who was out with a sprained ankle. The Falcons’ backups went up to fill Julio Jones.

Olomite Soccios dropped Downe Harris for a 51-yard touchdown catch in the first quarter. Although Harris was called up for the pass interruption of the play, he was caught for the first touchdown of the season.

In the second quarter Zachios added a 42-yard catch and Ryan set up a 9-yard scoring pass for Brandon Powell. This is the first career touch for Powell, Atlanta’s top revenue expert.


Broncos: D.E. Albert O’Keefe came out with a knee injury late in the third quarter, never to return … D.E. Nova Font landed on the field with an ankle injury following a 32-yard win over Denver in the first inning. After being listed as questionable, the fund returned in the second quarter. OT Demer Dodson also returned in the first half after being ruled out with a hip injury.

Falcons: Defensive ends Dante Fowler (femur) and Tuck McKinley (hip) not playing. Ridley missed training all week due to an injury to his left leg during the team’s victory in Carolina on Oct. 29.

UP Next

Broncos: Denver will make its first trip to Las Vegas next Sunday.

Falcons: Following their pie, the Falcons play in New Orleans on November 22nd.

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