‘Destiny 2’ Deep Stone Crypt Raid Destroyed, Opens Many New Quests Beyond Light

'Destiny 2' Deep Stone Crypt Raid Destroyed, Opens Many New Quests Beyond Light

Well, man, it’s even harder to keep track of what’s going on here. It took about six hours, but the Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt Raid was finally cleared. I Believe me I see the world first when this happens, Gravity And when his team, Funky says, says it won’t be until Monday, they can officially announce that everything is in order.

This experiment took us to the depths of Europa, surprisingly, to a large space station.

And then … again when the space station crashed into Europa, the final battle took place against the revived, shank-iFight version of the Tonics, rather the odd finale boss, but the hell of a test is ideologically everywhere, one of the best I’ve ever seen from fate.

Then there will be plenty of time to go, but first we need to talk about all the things that are triggered.

When you go to Europa there is a new Catskin, which occurs at the end of the test. It’s not much, but it is interesting and signifies new mysteries to come.

We have a new search from Varix, which is a real task I have never done before, but I am going to do it.

We have a new quest from Exo aliens where we have to kill things in new “eclipse zones”. This is a modified version of the current zone where debris falls. I don’t know what else makes the difference, but now my map shows the eventite ruins zone. Not sure if it spins daily. The reward for this current search is a new Europa side.

Finally, we have the exotic quest for The Lament, the Chainsaw Sword, from the now-launched Bunshi-44. It’s ruined for me, but let’s say it has some Show Lore. I do not know how many steps there are to the search.

So, in short, there are at least three new quests to continue as we speak, all of which are triggered at the end of the experiment. I don’t know if anything else like the new Crucible Map has been opened, but I haven’t heard anything like that yet. But it’s still a few minutes to clear, so who knows. This is a very Lost Wish-SQ with the big changes coming after the Raid, and I love all the new things that need to be done.

You can constantly watch your favorite players try to beat themselves up or you can go into the game and do these new things yourself and see what’s in it. I’ll see what I can do tonight and then report back with some updates. Please wait.

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