Destiny 2 Update: How to Download PS5, Xbox Series X Next Gen Update

Destiny 2 Update: How to Download PS5, Xbox Series X Next Gen Update

Rule 2S The free “Next Gen” update is now available, Allowing game owners to play more reliably on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The clunky interface of the PS5, Downloading the update on Sony’s new console is very complicated and annoying.

Because Rule 2 Is part of Microsoft Smart Delivery Program, Everything Works – If you are on the Xbox Series X or Series S, your console will automatically download the update. .

On the Sony side, things are not so easy.

If you already have the PlayStation 4 version Rule 2 Installed, and the icon sits on your PS5 dashboard, You can not press the options to bring up the context menu Find the PS5 version of the game under the Game Edition. Instead, find out Rule 2 Go to the game library, then press the options and select “Watch Game”. This will take you to the PlayStation Store page for the PS4 version Rule 2. From there, click on the Three Points menu, which will have a menu PS5 | Full | Rule 2 Or PS4 and PS5 | Full | Rule 2. This will send you to the PlayStation Store page for updates, where you will find a large download button.

Fortunately, the update was shown to me at the top of the search results.
Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

However, it may not work for you! I had to search manually Rule 2 In the PlayStation Store on my PS5. First search results per product page Rule 2 PS4 ™ & PS5 – Update it. Once I clicked on that list, I was able to start the download.

On all new consoles, the update will allow people to play Rule 2 At 60 frames per second, this is, until now, only possible with the Windows PC version of the game. Rule 2 Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X run on native 4K, while the less powerful Xbox Series S continues to run the game on 1080p. Additionally, Crucible Pvt operation operates at 120 fps. Other improvements include short load times, the field of view slider (previously exclusive to the PC version) and cross-generation gaming.

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