DeVolo Introduces New WiFi 2 Kits

DeVolo Introduces New WiFi 2 Kits

DeVolo has announced new WiFi 2 kits to enhance capacity and stabilize the home network, which is characterized by ease of use and powerline via Triple Band 2.4, 5GHz and

There will be starter kits with 2 or multiroom kits with 3 mesh wifi adapters that provide plug-in and gaming experience with automatic connection between adapters. The access point steering option ensures that the equipment is always driven to the best quality access point, instead allowing it to “stick” to the starting point when moving around the house.

In addition to the already common signal roaming and beamforming in the best mesh systems, DeVolo kits include band steering, which provides extra stability for all devices, switching between connecting straps when one is unstable or congested. This is a great feature for users who do not need to switch manually between 2.4GHz or 5GHz connections.

The new DeVolo kits are available for 9 249.90 for the starter kit with two adapters and 9 369.90 for the Mildroom kit with 9 adapters. Note that the brand offers a 3 year warranty with this equipment.

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