DHS Pending Information Bulletin Calling Russian Attack On Biden’s Mental Health, ABC News Report

Intel official: China doesn't want Trump to win election
Analysts said in a draft of a bulletin board obtained by the network entitled “Russia is likely to undermine the health of US candidates to influence the 2020 elections,” “Russian malicious and influential actors continue to suffer through poor charges. “It is highly likely to undermine the presidential candidate,” he said with “high confidence.” Mental or physical health affecting the 2020 election results, according to ABC News. The bulletin board also sparked criticism efforts from China and Iran. President Donald Trump, The network reported.

The bulletin was submitted to the DHS Legislative and Public Affairs Office on July 7th for review, and, according to an email obtained from ABC News, it was distributed to state, federal, and local law enforcement agencies on July 9th, but not to the public. Also, according to the network, it shows that DHS Chief of Staff John Gountanis has stopped sending the bulletin board.

“Please send this message until you have a chance to speak. [acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf]Wrote Gonta Nice. ABC News reported.

CNN contacted DHS for comment.

News about the blocked information board comes amid concerns about Russia’s involvement in elections almost two months before the 2020 presidential election.

US intelligence officials in August Information presented To the legislator and presidential campaign to announce that Russia is behind persistent false information targeting the former vice president. William R. Evanina, Director of the U.S. Center for Information Protection and Security and Chief Election Security Officer of the U.S. Intelligence Community said In August, Russia is trying to “reject” former Biden’s bid for the White House, while China “loves” Trump’s unre-elected outcome.
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