Dictoc plans to launch e-commerce service in the United States – Observer

Dictoc plans to launch e-commerce service in the United States - Observer

Dictoc plans to expand its base with an online business service aimed at the United States to compete with its competitor Facebook, which has marketing tools. E-commerce, Including on Instagram, Improved Financial Times.

According to several sources approaching the project, the publication says that this tool will allow more popular users Processor Share product links and earn commission on sales, even if they are not properly funded by the brand.

This advice is one of the plans of the Chinese social network for the year 2021, which has already been provided to various advertising partners of the application.

Among the remaining ideas, brands are also considering the possibility of displaying listings of their products on stage. Still, “with live streams” is a sales tool in which users can purchase products when offered by dictator personalities.

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A Processor Wants to be competitive for the methods identified by the competition. Introduced Facebook tools E-commerce On its own site and on Instagram – the social network it owns.

Nevertheless, some companies that use these methods have shown some reluctance to move forward with advertising on Dictoc, which suggests that “form and content are not mature,” meaning that many companies with sophisticated products do not want to compromise, the head of a North American advertising company explained to the Financial Times.

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