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Located on the continent of Oceania, the Australia is well known for its natural beauty and exotic animals, such as the parrot Rainbow Lorikeet. For those who love adventure and wildlife, this is a destination that should be on the list of places to visit.

Fortunately, Bee Gees land also offers other options for tourism, satisfying different tastes. Among the wide variety of attractions that a visitor may experience, we have separated 5 that should be on the plans of those traveling to Australia. Ready to meet them?

Places to visit in Australia

1. Sidney Opera House

Sydney opera. | Foto: UNWS Sydney.

The Sydney Opera House is an artistic performance center, designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, and opened in 1973 with the presence of Queen Elizabeth II. Since then, it has been considered a symbol of creativity and inspiration.

The place is Australia’s most visited destination, around 8.2 million people visit it each year. With its five theaters, two auditoriums and several shops to buy souvenirs, the Sydney Opera House becomes an unforgettable place. In 2007, UNESCO recognized the building as a World Heritage Site.

2. National Museum of Australia

Tourism in Australia
National Museum of Australia. | Photo: Hisour.

It is a social history museum, located in Acton and founded in 1980. The purpose of the space is to draw attention to the environment and to perpetuate the stories of those who contributed to the country building. The means used for this are, among others, technology, objects and programs.

At the site, approximately 50,000 years of Aboriginal history are immortalized and several Aboriginal shell paintings are displayed to visitors. Contributing to the expansion of the work produced on the site, the museum publishes several books, catalogs and periodicals that promote debate on the past, present and future.

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In this way, it becomes a perfect place for those who love knowledge.

3. Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach
Whiteheaven Beach. | Foto: Traveling.

It is a paradisiacal beach in the center of the Great Barrier Reef. As the name suggests, it is home to magnificent corals and other marine animals. This is in part due to the excellent state of conservation of the beach, which has already been rated as one of the cleanest in Australia.

White sand, which is 98% silica, does not retain heat, which makes Whiteheaven pleasant any time of the day, even in summer. To access this paradise, however, you need a boat, helicopter, or seaplane.

Either way, anyone who can afford this fee will have such an amazing experience that they will soon forget the amount paid.

4. Bunjil Place

what to do in australia
Bunjil Place. | Foto: Hess-Timber.

Another memorable Australian destination is Bunjil Place, located in Melbourne. Similar to the Sydney Opera House, Bunjil Place brings together theaters, art galleries, studios and libraries. Although this is a recent work, opened in 2017, it is already a success. During the first weekend of operation, it welcomed 35,000 visitors.

According to the institution itself, they bring entertainment, creativity, and community together in one place and, perhaps because of this, it has garnered so much attention from audiences and critics. In 2021, Bujil Place had already won 10 awards, including some international.

5. Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Groung. | Foto: Visit Melbourne.

Melbourne Cricket Ground is a stadium for cricket, a sport similar to baseball, located in Melbourne. Although it has only one sport to its name, the stadium also hosts rugby and football matches, in addition to hosting the National Sports Museum. Founded in 1853, it has already been visited by Queen Elizabeth II and Pope John Paul II.

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During the Second World War, it is the place chosen to host shows and charitable activities. In 1956, it hosted the Olympic Games. As Australia’s largest sports venue, the Melbourne Cricket Ground has the capacity to accommodate 100,000 people. For those looking to have more contact with the local culture, the stadium is a good start.

By Rosamaria Santos – Speak up! UFRJ

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