Discovering Megalodon: Scientists uncover the amazing real-world scale of a giant shark.

Discovering Megalodon: Scientists uncover the amazing real-world scale of a giant shark.

British researchers have uncovered the real size of the megalodon, a prehistoric giant shark of Hollywood fame.

Experts from the University of Bristol and the University of Swansea have shed a new light on the giant megalodon, the largest marine predator in history. The modern Great White Shark can be as long as 20 feet long, but the Megalodon, which lived 23 to 3 million years ago, is more than twice the Great White. Scientists can now reveal the size of the rest of Megalodon’s body, including its giant fins.

researcher note The megalodon fossils generally have larger triangular teeth than human hands. Armed with data from these fossils, scientists used mathematical methods to determine the size and proportions of megalodons. It was also compared with living relatives of the creature.

Megalodon Shocker: The giant killer shark may have been removed by the Great White.

“Megalodon is not a direct ancestor of the great white shark, but is equally related to the great white sharks as well as other giant predatory sharks such as the Makos, Salmon shark and Porbeagle shark,” said Dr. Catalina Pimiento of Swansea University. Research, statement. Mako refers to the two subspecies of the mako shark, the short fin and the long fin.

16m (52.5 ft) adult Megalodon’s Palaeoartist reconstruction
(Reconstruction by Oliver E. Demuth)

Detailed measurements of modern sharks have been put together to make predictions for Megalodon, Pimiento said.

In a statement, Professor Mike Benton, a paleontologist at the University of Bristol, said in a statement, “Before we could do anything, we had to test these five modern sharks to see if they change proportions as they grow. “If, for example, the baby had been like a human with large heads and short legs, it would have been difficult to predict the adult proportion of such a huge extinct shark.”

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Ancient Megalodon shark as large as a human hand found in South Carolina

“But we were amazed and relieved to learn that the babies of all these modern carnivorous sharks start out as small adults and the proportions don’t change as they get bigger,” he said.

Comparison of an adult Megalodon's dorsal fin to a 1.6 m (5.2 ft) diver

Comparison of an adult Megalodon’s dorsal fin to a 1.6 m (5.2 ft) diver
(Pin reconstruction by Oliver E. Demuth)

Recently, M.Sc. Dr. Paleontology at the University of Bristol explained that the team was able to calculate the percentage of megalodons. “This means we can take 5 modern shapes of growth curves and project the overall shape as they get bigger – up to 16 meters long. [52.5 feet]”He said.

The 52.5-foot-long Megalodon had a head length of 15.3 feet, a dorsal fin height of about 5.3 feet, and a tail height of about 12.6 feet, scientists said. “This means that an adult human can stand behind this shark and be about the same height as its dorsal fin,” they said in a statement.


The research is published in the journal. Scientific report.

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Earlier this year, Megalodon teeth the size of a human hand melt South Carolina. Last year, the teeth of Megalodon and several other species of sharks discovery In Mexico.

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