Disney CFO Christine McCarthy, China Uproar “It caused a lot of trouble for us” – deadline

Disney CFO Christine McCarthy, China Uproar “It caused a lot of trouble for us” – deadline

Disney CFO Christine McCarthy Settled the controversy Mulan, Critics accuse Uyghur of indirectly favoring oppression against Muslims. China, Noted that the uproar caused “a lot of trouble”.

Filming was permitted in Xinjiang Province, an area where Uyghurs were detained in concentration camps, and film credits were granted by government agencies. Critics, including politicians such as US Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo), attack The movie, which was released on Disney+ last Friday, streaming Service and theater.

Over the past year, there have been various controversies and challenges to Disney’s live-action remake of the 1998 animated feature film. The company also had to change its planned theater release schedule several times in response to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.

Mulan Coming soon in China. China maintains fierce political and economic confrontation with the United States on a variety of issues, and many media and technology companies are drawn to competition. McCarthy, who appeared at the Bank of America Virtual 2020 Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference, asked whether the backlash would undermine the film’s commercial potential in China.

“I’m not a box office predictor, but it has created a lot of publicity,” she said. “I’ll put something into context. The real thing is Mulan Mainly shot in New Zealand. In this period drama, landscapes were shot at 20 locations in China to accurately portray China’s unique landscapes and geography. It’s common sense that you need to get permission to shoot in China. The permit came from the central government.”

McCarthy continues, “It is a common practice around the world to recognize in the credit of a film the national and local governments that allow you to film there. So, in our credits it recognized both China and New Zealand positions. I just want to leave it as it is, but we have a lot of problems.”

Apart from the controversy, many of McCarthy’s remarks reflected her appearance at a similar media conference hosted by Citibank on Wednesday. She reiterated that a study of moviegoers’ mixed feelings of return to the theater helped them decide to announce the first to Disney+ subscribers at a premium of $30.

Invited by moderator Jessica Reif Ehrlich to expand the film studio’s opening strategy, she spoke of more “premier access” experiments: Mulan Available. However, she stressed that the play remained a key element of the company’s distribution plans, and did not say that the company was actively talking with exhibitors about changing the standard release window.

“We have very strong slates until 2021 and beyond,” she said. “We want the theater to be open, and we want our movie to be a movie very different from what you can have at home for those who go to the cinema.”

Among the other topics that came to mind during the 40-minute session was the negotiating status with the NFL. Like ViacomCBS, NBCUniversal and Fox, Disney is talking about leagues and re-employment. ESPN Monday night football It expires faster than other network packages in 2021.

The company approaches the deal in a “regulated” way, but would be happy to consider ensuring that the game is broadcast on ABC and not ESPN if it could help secure Disney’s renewal opportunities.

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