Disney + launches in February 2021

Disney + launches in February 2021

After a month full of Marvel products in January, Disney + arrives in February and offers its subscribers a nice diversification of the list. It features everything from regular children’s productions to high science fiction serials and documentaries to the list of Disney + releases for February 2021.

If the evidence for this Vandavision This is the big launch of the last month, and this February is a Natzio product that should grab the attention of subscribers. In Selected, We are invited to revisit space racing and learn a little more about the original seven, the first American astronauts, to date, the most extraordinary achievement of mankind: going to the moon.

Another release unprecedented Flora and Ulysses, An adventure-filled comedy that tells the beautiful story of a 10-year-old girl’s friendship and a powerful squirrel, teaches her that she can be happy even if she carries a little sadness inside her. Super is pointed out to watch with the whole family.

In revenue and new news, Disney + brings five more episodes of the first season of the documentary series Inside the picture And six super-acclaimed seasons Happiness. First go to Picture Studio and show what works there and tell the story of people who do magic that touches millions of people around the world. The second, on the other hand, brings a lot of good music to address very current and necessary themes like bullying and prejudice.

The complete list is extensive and includes many new features throughout the month of February. But, to give you a boost, we talked a little more about the highlights below, and finally, you can check out the complete list that launched on Disney + in February 2021. Take a look, pick your favorites and get ready to play!

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Selection: 1st Season (05/02)

Space Race is a theme that still attracts astronauts, and recently we have been offered new products that not only recover clippings from this historic moment, but also focus more on their heroes. This February, Natzio is doing a little bit of both with the series Selected.

Based on the bestseller written by Tom Wolf, how the United States space program began, how the Soviet Union dominated at the beginning of the Cold War, and the incredible story of the original Seven, then NASA’s first newly formed astronauts.

Over eight episodes, first season Selected It tells an inspiring story about how ordinary people can achieve something so extraordinary. The series is coming to Disney + subscribers on February 5, 2021.

Inside the Picture: 5 New Chapters (12/02)

With the same footprint Inside Disney, Insight Picture is a new documentary series from Disney + that we go to the studio and learn to tell the stories of the creators of the animations we love the most.

After the premiere of the first five episodes, now the first season gets its second installment, and each of the five episodes is 16 minutes long, all of which show the inner vision of the people, their artistic talent and the culture of the Picture animation studio. It is necessary for anyone who has always wondered what it is like to work in such a place.

New chapters of Inside the picture Launch for Disney + subscribers on February 12, 2021.

Happiness: Seasons 1 to 6 (02/19)

(Image: Revelation / Fox)

One of the most beloved, acclaimed and controversial series of the last decade and a half, Happiness Fox lands in his new home after being acquired by Disney.

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In six seasons, the series portrayed stories Bullying, Homophobia, transphobia, racism, photophobia and use as a background A group of students participating in a high school and choir – called the Glee Club. With striking curves, essential and very current storylines and striking music, the series marked an era and starred the life of producer Ryan Murphy.

For new and old fans, six seasons Happiness Join the Disney + list on February 19, 2021.

Flora and Ulysses (02/19)

Another unique debut at Disney + in February was the film based on Disney’s Newberry Award-winning book, Flora and Ulysses. The plot is an adventure-filled comedy that follows the life of Flora, a 10-year-old comic book girl whose parents have split up.

In this chaotic moment of life, a squirrel with unique superhero powers meets Ulysses. Together, they will immerse themselves in a fun and intricate adventure that will always change the way Flora sees life.

Prepare the whole family and invite the children to visit Flora and Ulysses Friday, February 19, at Disney +.

Vandavision: 4 new episodes

Although it debuted in January, Vandavision The biggest attraction of February is at Disney +. After four episodes, the Marvel Studios series has stunned many fans, designing dozens of theories to anticipate exactly what it will be.

The weekly episodic form of Gravity contributes much to this, and there will be four new episodes in February to find out if all the theories have any truth or are all flawed. Really, what is your favorite?

Vandavision There are unpublished episodes on Disney + every Friday. Don’t miss out!

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Full list of Disney + releases in February 2021


  • Selection: Season 1
  • Vandavision: Season 1, Episode 5
  • Muppets Now: Season 1, Episode 3
  • Believe me, this is true: Season 3, Chapter 5
  • Garden in Clare: Season 2
  • During the Bell Rings: Season 2
  • Art Attack: Temporada4


  • The Hidden Wonders of Africa
  • Vandavision: Season 1, Chapter 6
  • Muppets Now: Season 1, Episode 4
  • Believe me, this is true: Season 3, Chapter 6
  • During the Bell Rings: Season 3
  • Zoo Secrets: Season 3
  • Inside the Pixar: 5 New Chapters


  • Happiness: Seasons 1 to 6
  • Mickey Go Local: Season 1
  • Bios: Mauricio de Sousa: 1st Season
  • Underworld Mysteries: Season 1
  • Nat Geo Lab: 1st Season
  • Wild Brazil: Season 1
  • Curious Mind: Season 1
  • Flora and Ulysses
  • Pia: A World Insight Out
  • Vandavision: Season 1, Chapter 7
  • Muppets Now: Season 1, Episode 5
  • Believe me, this is true: Season 3, Chapter 7


  • Managers: Season 4
  • Vandavision: Season 1, Chapter 8
  • Muppets Now: Season 1, Episode 6
  • Believe me, this is true: Season 3, Chapter 8

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