Disney + movie proves Valsir Carrasco is right · TV News

Disney + movie proves Valsir Carrasco is right · TV News

A picture found on Disney + this month shows Big Evan living the story of a gorilla in a mall and gaining fame for drawing pictures. Primate’s path is based on real events. The plot revolves around a character who plays a very successful role in a novel by Valsir Carrasco: Ziko: The Painter Monkey featured in Carus & Bocas (2009).

On the Globo show, Chimpanzee Kate “played” this role. The brave, animal artist played with paints and “spoiled” the paintings created by Denise (Marcos Baskim). When Simon (Ingrid Guimar )es) saw the modified canvases, he discovered the ideological conclusion and decided to invest in the painter’s work. Thus, man and ape were able to create a secret art duo.

Kate’s “hiring” was unprecedented for a full-fledged soap opera, and to ensure the well-being of the chimpanzee, IBAMA (Brazilian Environment and Renewable Natural Resources Company) made several requests to the broadcaster.

Kate’s shots had to be accompanied by veterinarians, and the paints he handled were corn-based, so there was no risk of intoxication. She could not move freely around the beautiful city of Estadios Globo (later Prozac) or interact with minors. Ziko’s translator still had his own dressing room.

The story of a painter monkey may have appeared Absolutely Not really for a section of the audience at Carus & Bocas, but the character of the soap opera is not simply a soap opera invention.

In the United States, an artist gorilla was very successful. The story of Great Evan is about him. But, unlike the soap opera, there is no such work with real animals. In the feature, all non-human characters are created on a computer and have the ability to speak to each other.

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Disney + Plot is based on the 2012 book The One and Only Evan by Katherine Applegate and shows the monkey’s relationship with other animals in the mall, including dogs, elephants, rabbits and seals. Owner is played by Brian Cranston (Eternal Walter White, from Breaking Pad).

By the end of the film, viewers who follow The Great Ivan believe that the plot is entirely fictional, and discover that the character actually existed. “Evan was a guerrilla born in Central Africa in 1962. He was rescued from poachers in the wild and taken to the United States, where he lived in the home of a family he loved dearly,” the final text reads.

“At the age of three, when he was very old, he moved to Tacoma, Washington, where he became a mall attraction, where he did not leave for 27 years. That’s where Ivan learned to paint. Evan was taken to the Atlanta Zoo, where he became a star again and found a place to go freely, “he explains.

The real Evan died in August 2012 at the age of 50. The animal was aged and received general anesthesia for examination. But he never woke up again. He had the logo on one of the bulletins published at the Atlanta Zoo stating that he had health problems.

Check out the trailer for The Great Evan:

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