Do you know which is the most hated episode of Exitoína “Friends” and the most acclaimed?

"Friends" foi ao ar entre 1994 e 2004 e contou com dez temporadas

From the Netflix list, “Friends” is a classic comedy series that aired for the first time 25 years ago, to this day, cheering up aspiring fans and growing new fans every day. But do you know which episode the fans consider the worst? We went back and found out!

Second IMDb, A database that collects information from all television and film productions around the world, baptized “Invitee” (in the free translation) on the 21st of Season 4, the lowest-scoring episode of Season 4 of 236 aired “Friends” in ten years.

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Originally aired in the United States on April 23, 1998, the episode includes Flashbacks About Rachel’s relationship (Jennifer Aniston) Rose (David Swimmer) When discussing with Emily whether she can go to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding (Helen Boxandale) London.

The score given by the fans was 7.2 out of 10, which does not seem to be the lowest number, but it is very different from other ratings received by the series in the database, which is always above 8.0, and again approximately at 10, on the 14th of 5th season, “Where everyone finds “(Where everyone finds the truth”), in which friends learn about Chandler’s relationship (Matthew Perry) And Monica (Courtney Cox).

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Episode 10 received a rating of 9.7 and is one of the highest rated on stage. Finally, the most coveted episode of “Friends” fans was precisely the end of the series “The Last One”, which first aired on May 6, 2004, received a rating of 9.7, but was rated higher by 11,000, and “Everyone Finds” did not reach 9,000 voters.

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