Does Sarah Paulson think the nurse was caught as a villain?

on Illustration, Sarah Paulson (If that kind of term applies) the main character Netflix Sequel One flew over the cuckoo’s nest. that much Ryan Murphy Production It provides insight into the life of the Mildred Ratched nurse and weaves the story leading to her days of working as a sober nurse in the 1975 film.

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While many consider Nurse Ratched (especially a cinematic character) to be one of the most disgusting and cruel villains adorning the screen, Paulson comes from a different perspective. And considering the complex past Ratchet The writers falsify, and the character begins to lose the air of her bloody mystery (for good or bad).

During interview Jake’s Takes, Paulson discussed the character. She described the difficult challenges Ratched had to face as a woman in power in the mid-century.

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Sarah Paulson talks about Nurse Ratched and the villain

Sarah Paulson and Judy Davis Jake’s Takes, The interviewer’s first question is leading the villain debate over Nurse Ratched.

Interviewer Louise Fletcher (Ratched in One flew over the cuckoo’s nest) I didn’t understand why the character was on the many lists for “Worst Villain”. He asked if Paulson saw the character as a villain. She replied:

no. I didn’t think of her as a villain and I totally agree with what Lewis Fletcher said. She was a woman when she questioned the authority of the kind of patriarchal world that could happen in that hospital. It seems like a rare one to do that.

Jake’s Takes

Paulson explains that Ratched is following a regime beyond his control, explaining that the character is in a separate arc with a suspicious decision.

Sarah Paulson said Nurse Ratched was’seeking pardon’.

Paulson noted that the character is looking for an answer. She is looking for forgiveness and indulgence. Unfortunately, I can’t really admire the way she goes about it. She said:

So I didn’t see her as a villain. I really didn’t. She is an apology seeker. I really believe. And there is purity. What she does to achieve it is suspicious.

Jake’s Takes

While looking for “Apology” Illustration, Mildred finds himself in conflict between the outside and the inside, and is often willing to keep morality and human dignity on the line to stay on his way. But does it make her a villain or simply a layered 3D character?

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