Does your computer run Android 11? Bliss OS 14 is the solution you want to use

Android 11 PC Bliss OS 14 testes alfa

The uniqueness of Android allows you to run this system on any site you have installed. It offers the user the opportunity to recycle any smartphone, box or PC, without the hassle of usage.

Precisely because of the latter it is increasingly an option to bring back used hardware that has been discontinued. After getting several versions, it was Android 11’s turn to reach PC, now with Bliss OS 14 in hand.

Use or not Android 11 PC

Many users choose to recycle their old computers by installing lighter versions of Linux. This scenario has changed in recent years with the availability of Android for these systems.

Over the years, versions have changed and become available as Google publishes them. It is a work done by the community and manages to improve what is offered to users for their machines each year.

Bliss OS 14 Solution

Launched in September, the offer for x86 for Android 11 is not yet available, which is about to change. Bliss comes with OS14 Open the door For this new version, it shows that it can be used very quickly. For now, and for testing, the beta version is now available.

  • Hibernate mode may not work properly on some computers, leading to a restart
  • Volume and sound issues
  • Bluetooth on some computers
  • Rotation does not work on some devices
  • Some ARM / ARM64-based applications may not work
  • Firefox closes randomly on some devices

The issues presented above are issues that have been identified and will be addressed in future development versions. As with other scenarios, this alpha version will be used to test Bliss OS 14 and diagnose possible problems.

Android 11 PC Bliss OS 14 Alpha Tests

The alpha test will continue

A big advantage of these distributions is that Android apps can use them in scenes running side by side with others. Therefore, they are the obvious choice in situations where you want to follow the system with all the capabilities of a smartphone.

There is no simple process yet to run Bliss OS 14 on PC because it needs to be compiled. Soon, with more stable versions, it will be much easier to install Android 11 on a computer so you can access everything it offers.

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