Dolphins are first preferred under Brian Flores.

Dolphins are first preferred under Brian Flores.

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Dolphins have won some of the 21 matches since Brian Flores became head coach and lost others, but one thing all remained the same.

According to the bookmaker, they’ve been underdogs every time they hit the field since the start of the 2019 season. It’s going to change this weekend and a lot of people will love it.

Miami is favored with 9.5 points for matches against the 0-5 Jets team that will start on Sunday. Joe Flaco In the quarterback for two consecutive weeks. However, changing circumstances does not change the way Flores wants his team to approach Sunday’s match.

“I am not Anyone lightly“Flores said. “That will be a message to the team. That’s how we approach all games. That’s how all NFL teams and players approach every match. It is the best of the best. Every team has good players. If you enter the game thinking someone is going to lie down, in my experience, you will get the opposite result in my time in this league.”

The Dolphins last hit week 16 of the 2018 season. They scored out of three against Jaguar and lost 17-7 in a match where current Jets manager Adam Gass turned out to have played his second match in Miami.

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