Dominic Thiem beat Alexander Zverev with 5 sets at the US Open for their first Grand Slam title.

Dominic Thiem beat Alexander Zverev with 5 sets at the US Open for their first Grand Slam title.

Dominic Thiem became the first player in the Open Era that started in 1968 and rallyed in 2 sets to win the US Open final. He beat his friend Alexander Zverev by 2-6 4-6 6-4 6-3 7-6. (6) Sunday in New York.

It hasn’t been fully done since 1949.

And the first was more. The popular Austrian became the first new men’s grand slam champion after Marin Cilic in 2014 and was the first five-set tie break in the US Open final.

Thiem dominated in the four-hour classic despite appearing to suffer from leg cramps on tie breaks.

“We started getting to know each other in 2014 and immediately started building great friendships,” said Thiem at the trophy presentation. “We’ve done great things in court and out of court. It’s amazing how far our journey has come to share this moment. I wish we had two winners today. We both deserve it.”

Surprisingly, Zverev Coming down from two sets You can beat Pablo Carreno Busta in the semifinals. What’s more, the Germans took a break in Game 3, but did a bigger blow to him, but couldn’t encounter it 5-3 in Game 5.

I could understand his tears during the presentation of the trophy. His parents both tested positive for the coronavirus and said they couldn’t be with him in New York.

Before stepping out of Mike, he said, “I miss them.” “Hey, it’s tough. Even though they sit at home and I lose, they’re pretty proud.”

Tournament characterized by a comeback

Perhaps Thiem’s ​​comeback is not entirely surprising as there have been huge comebacks over the last two days of the tournament. After Zverev turns the table at the women’s finale on Friday and Saturday Naomi Osaka overcomes Set and almost 3-0 hole Victoria Azarenka.
Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal First in the world since 1999, skipping the same major Novak Djokovic has been set as the default. In round 4, I accidentally hit the ball that hit the line jersey in the throat.

But more than this year, but easier to understand, it was the US Open with bubbles, even though it was held without fans due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Thiem may have benefited from the absence of the legendary Big Three, but at the age of 27, he knocked each one at least four times.

The Grand Slam title was approaching, with three other finals in the majors.

There is no doubt that Thiem’s ​​Achilles injury in the semi-finals against 2019 finalist Daniil Medvedev contributed to his tense and helpless start at Arthur Ashe Stadium. But he wouldn’t be the type to say so. He must have felt the pressure to become an important preference given his better standing with Zverev and his 7-2 record.

However, 7th place Zverev, who gained considerable popularity at the beginning of the previous two matches, cruised the opening two sets in the first Grand Slam final.

When ATP created the NextGen slogan to promote the next-generation star a few years ago, he was the head of the class.

Match with a lot of distortion

The 23-year-old watch goes over 130 miles per hour and one forehand breaks 100 miles per hour, combining offensive tennis and counter punching. He used Thiem’s ​​deep return position to serve and play volleyball successfully. However, 15 double flaws eventually solved him.

In the first two sets, Zverev’s solitary moment came in the middle of the second. The combination of Thiem’s ​​daring tennis and Zverev’s double fault (which was a problem for him) reduced the 5-1 lead to 5-4.

But at his fifth set point, Zverev officially took a two set advantage. He got even better when he beat 2-1 in the 3rd.

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Now facing the pressure to wrap up the Grand Slam final, Zverev’s level fell and Thiem rose.

Thiem went bankrupt immediately, then went bankrupt again 5-4, leading to a fourth set.

Thiem quickly defended around the court before hitting a forehand pass by setting a breakpoint at 2-3 after winning one of the tournament rally. In the absence of fans, his entourage roared at him. He didn’t take a break there, but he did so at 4-3.

Thiem has the ability to coerce his opponents with a power game and it seemed like it would happen once again when he broke through 1-0 in the 5th inning.

But when he suddenly sat in his favorite seat, he buckled 1-1.

Set of 5 roller coasters

Then came another nice rally from 0-15. This time in the fierce Thiem backhand, Zverev heroically defended before designing a volley winner.

Zverev then regularly asked them to serve and was rewarded 4-3. As the pressure continued to shift, so did the score. Zverev collapsed 5-3 and Thiem ended the game with a sizzling forehand pass using magic to escape from 15-30 with 4-5.

Zverev sagged or made a mistake to track 5-6 in the forehand.

But the distortion is not over.

Thiem is sick and calls a trainer. He did not move freely, he broke himself and lags behind with early mini brakes in tie brakes.

Two Zverev double faults gave him a probation, and Thiem built a 6-4 lead. The first two match points have been erased. Initially, Thiem missed the forehand sitter, where Zverev was stranded.

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But at 6-6 he ripped another pass shot to get his third winning point. He sealed it with a Zverev backhand error and sank in court.

Thiem joked that he might have to call Andy Murray if he loses on Sunday because he fell in his first Grand Slam final before Scot broke through.

He will still want to call Murray. They can talk about the feeling of lifting the Grand Slam Trophy.

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